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Make-up artist Bobbi Brown started a beauty revolution in 1991 with just a handful of lipsticks and a simple philosophy: "Women want to look and feel like themselves only prettier and more confident." Women instantly embraced her uniquely flattering makeup and realistic approach to beauty. As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three, Brown continues to strike a chord with consumers - it's about achieving and maintaining balance, cultivating a positive outlook and loving yourself the way you are. - less

Surf And Sand

In 1991, Bobbi Brown revolutionised the beauty industry with her collection of ten brown-based lipsticks and a simple philosophy that "makeup is a way for a woman to feel like herself, only prettier and more confident." Today, Bobbi Brown has expanded to a full range of beautifully wearable cosmetics, simple skincare and professional tools, and Bobbi herself a best-selling author, frequently sharing her experiences on television and print, and creating looks for top magazines and fashion weeks across the globe.