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Crème de la Mer's story began nearly half a century ago. During a routine laboratory experiment, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber suffered an accident that burned his face. In an effort to help improve his scarred appearance, he embarked on a 12-year journey to create a renewing elixir.

The result was nothing short of a miracle: a precious elixir that would become known for its renewing energies. With The Miracle Broth™ at its heart, Dr. Huber formulated Crème de la Mer. And just as he envisioned, his skin appeared dramatically renewed and crystal clear: softer, smoother, and more refined.

Now encompassing a comprehensive range of luxury skincare, Crème de la Mer has expertly crafted a cult range of coveted beauty treatments, from moisturisers to serums, that promise resolutely radiant and youthful complexions. - less