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The materials used in the process must be baked at temperatures exceeding 1240°C, and even in making larger goods, such as bowls, the failure rate is high. For the Myongong Luxury 474 line, only 474 pens will be produced. This number represents the 474 years that the Goryeo Dynasty, the dynasty from which modern Korea derives its name, ruled the Korean peninsula.

The Myongong logo is etched into the pen’s box, filled with celadon powder, and sealed with a traditional black lacquer. The appearance is one of simplicity, but also lends a quiet air of sophistication and pride.

Mrs. Kim believes that European-produced fountain pens are marvels of engineering, and in matching the production values of the West with the aesthetic value of Goryeo celadon a perfect blend of East and West has been achieved. She hopes that the Myongong pens will come to be used in everyday life by those who value expert craftsmanship and quality, and also become a symbol of what is possible when Eastern and Western ideas are merged.- less