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Sisley, the French luxury family owned company creates the highest quality skincare and make-up products, combining the best of nature and science. The brand is also well known for its fine perfumes – Eau du Soir, Soir de Lune, Eau de Campagne and Les Eaux de Sisley - which are created in the tradition of the French ‘haute parfumerie’. The d’Ornano family has been specialised in the creation of cosmetics for three generations. Hubert d’Ornano founded Sisley in 1976 and understood very early on that the plant world offers an extensive field of research (there are around 800 000 different plants on Earth) given that the life of man is closely dependent on that of plants - to breathe, eat and heal. He was a true pioneer, combining know-how and a rigorous approach to specialise his research laboratories in Phytocosmetology. As a great expert in skincare, Sisley offers a very comprehensive range of face and body care suited to any skin tone and type. Each Sisley product is created to address a particular need.

Sisley's beauty range now includes make-up and fragrance, formulated with the same meticulous attention to detail. - less