by WelleCo


On a mission to bring good health and wellness to all, WelleCo founders Elle Macpherson and Andrea Box present THE SUPER ELIXIR™, a luxury range of all-natural beauty supplements. Debuting with Alkalising Greens, a pH balancing powder supplement formulated with Dr Simone Laubscher, PhD Nutritional Doctor, THE SUPER ELIXIR™ offers men and women an extra boost in their wellness journeys. A simple addition of green goodness to water, smoothies and coconut water or almond milk, the carefully balanced supplement helps change the body’s pH from acidic to alkaline, making keeping healthy easy and hassle-free. Joined by a Nourishing Protein, a natural alternative to whey protein powders, THE SUPER ELIXIR™ now offers a fully comprehensive range of wellness boosters, perfect for busy lives. - less