Olympic Ambitions

By Harriet Hawksworth 26 July 2012

Here at Harrods, we’re all very excited about London 2012, so what better way to celebrate than catching up with British Olympian (and Javelin thrower) Goldie Sayers, as she prepares to compete in the upcoming games.

As an athlete, how important is your kit?

It is equally as important as training, nutrition and recovery. The correct kit helps an athlete perform to the best of their ability but, more importantly, avoid injury.

What is the most important element of your kit?

My spikes have to be spot on as I travel at 6.5metres per second over a 25metre run up and have to stop dead in order to launch the javelin. Fifteen times my bodyweight goes through my blocking leg so I have to make sure that my spikes can withstand the forces that I can generate. My javelin is also very important. They are a bit like tennis racquets in that they can be well balanced and aerodynamic or they can feel rock solid and not very pliable. Javelins of course have to be an exact weight (600g), unlike tennis racquets! Also, for me, having a slightly larger bust than most athletes, my Panache sports bra is crucial for my performance, posture and comfort. Trainers are very important also in order to assist your biomechanics and prevent injury. My trainers get a lot of wear and tear during training so I have to change them regularly. I wear adidas Glide 4s.

What has been your training regime for the London 2012?

I train for five to six hours per day, six days per week. My training is very varied and includes weights, sprinting, plyometric (jumping), circuit training, medicine ball and javelin throwing.

What do you want to achieve at London 2012?

I would like to throw a personal best and beat the British Record in the Final. I would of course love to win a medal but I can only control what I can do unfortunately! If I did throw a personal best, then I would have a very good chance.

What does it feel like to represent your country?

Having always had a dream to represent my country at sport, it is a complete privilege to have done that for the last decade. I feel incredibly proud to put on a British vest and to do that at London 2012 is even more special. This will be my third Olympics if I qualify and to represent GB at a home event is the greatest honour of all.

Do you think Stella McCartney has done a good job with the Team GB kit?

I love the new Team GB kit and the idea Stella McCartney had of deconstructing the flag. It is definitely the best Olympic kit I can remember and has some very feminine touches for the girls (like the belt on the podium tracksuit) as well as having all the technology that is necessary for us to perform. We will definitely be the best-dressed team on the track!

Have you always worn adidas?

I have been an Adidas ambassador for the last 8 years. I love the variety that Adidas offers from its performance range to Adidas originals. I have always found the kit very functional but also comfortable. The trainers and spikes have always suited my feet well. And with Stella McCartney on board, it is possible to combine high performance with high fashion too.

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