Marlies Dekkers interview

By Harriet Hawksworth 18 May 2012

Marlies Dekkers lingerie pop-up at Harrods

Her designs have been sported by the world's superstars, including Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga, and now lingerie designer Marlies Dekker can add another string to her bow - her own pop-up boutique at Harrods.

To celebrate the launch of this seductive space, we caught up with the Dutch designer as she talked to us about what it's really like to dress pop's most powerful figures and why women should spend more time in the changing room.

What can we expect from the Marlies Dekkers pop-up boutique at Harrods?

An amazing space full of colour. Other brands are more toned down but Marlies Dekkers is very colourful. Lots of women now are colour blocking, so it's nice to contrast the colours. With my designs, you can wear one underneath a simple shirt and you get a little peek of the straps poking out. It's what's women seem to like, that bright feeling.

How would you describe the essence of the label to a new customer?

The essence is dare to be. Dare to be yourself, dare to seduce yourself and dare to dream. The idea behind it is that a lot of lingerie is created to please the man, for me, it's very important to please yourself. I hide things that we don't want to show and I draw attention to the parts we are proud of. I want women to look in the mirror and think "wow"!

How does it feel when you see superstars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna in your designs?

Of course I feel very proud that those kind of women like it. For me, they are the perfect ambassadors of that follow-your-dreams ethos, so it's a perfect match!

Who else would you like to see wearing Marlies Dekkers?

My goal is to bring self-confidence to normal women, whether 18 or 80. We have customers who are 80 - they put on the bra then the blouse and say "look!" And they pull the shirt down a little so you can see the straps!

Where do find your inspiration for your collections?

The inspirations come from life - it can be a poem, art, flowers or a country. For this collection, there's a Scandinavian influence. I think if you are creative, everything can inspire you. I've already found my inspiration for the next collection, but I can't tell you what it is!

Wearing underwear as outerwear is proving a huge trend. What advice do you have for women who want to incorporate lingerie into their everyday look?

You can really just wear the bras under anything - they really add a little more spice to outerwear. We always suggest start with the bra and then look what kind of great combination you can make. Wearing a contrasting bra peeking under a V-neck is a good start, or wearing a strong colour under a white blouse.

Your Undressed collection is focused on finding the perfect fit - what advice do you have for women about finding their perfect fit?

You need to take it seriously; don't think you can buy a bra in just one minute. Take a few sizes in the changing room, and also different shapes. Because not every woman can wear a plunge or a push up for example, it depends on your bust. A balcony bra suits almost everyone but you have to think what will fit you well. Also don't wear your bra too loose. A lot of women think they don't want it to feel tight, but if it's loose, it's doing nothing.

The Marlies Dekkers pop-up will be in Lingerie on the First Floor until Saturday 9th June.

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