In Conversation With Fredrik Risvik

Four key influencers, Fredrik Risvik, Nick Wooster, Olof Nithenius and Matthew Zorpas, come together to dissect and discuss the Anatomy Of Style.

Entering into the fashion world via skateboarding and an interest in architecture and interior design first, Fredrik Risvik explains: "My style is much like my interiors – it’s pared back, really simple and clean."

A self-professed purveyor of Scandi-cool, it’s a message of quality over quantity that rings true in his Instagram posts: "I like to show my audience that quality pieces last."

  • Quality Over Quantity

    Fredrik Risvik - On Style

    "I find that what I tend to buy into is quality clothing that will last a long time. It’s about really understanding brands and buying into those that make the best possible version of a product – be that shoes, knitwear or jeans."

  • Fredrik Risvik - On Style

    His Go-To Brands…

    "Common Projects, John Smedley for knitwear, AMI, and I like Maison Martin Margiela because it purveys a clean aesthetic but adds small details that make the clothes that bit different."

  • Fredrik Risvik - On Style

    Men's Fashion Now

    "The menswear scene is really fun right now because there are so many different styles out there. It makes it easy to mix things up."

    Fredrik Risvik

  • Fredrik Risvik - On Style

The Grooming Line-Up

Fredrik Risvik - Grooming Edit

"I use a lot of Kiehl’s products, and Byredo is one of my favourite brands – I just love the whole look."

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