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In Conversation With Matthew Zorpas

Four key influencers, Matthew Zorpas, Nick Wooster, Fredrik Risvik and Olof Nithenius, come together to dissect and discuss the Anatomy Of Style.

"I’m taking the stereotypical definition of a British gentleman further," explains Matthew Zorpas, aka The Gentleman Blogger. "I’m saying: 'Okay, the perfect gentleman is well travelled, he’s a modern guy, he has very respectful views on equality, on religion, and he’s not completely defined by a suit.'"

A man who practices what he preaches, Matthew takes dapper dressing to new levels and, with each Instagram post, reinforces what it is to be a modern gentleman.

  • The Fundamentals

    Matthew Zorpas - On Style

    "The white shirt is definitely my number one building block. It’s where I start every single outfit. Navy suits, too – they’re something that I find easy and comfortable, and they just need accessorising to make them look different every single day."

  • Matthew Zorpas - On Style

    On Packing…

    "I travel twice a week, so I’m nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I always pack three standard outfits, all of them based around the white shirt: a navy suit, definitely a tuxedo, and one casual, off-duty look."

  • Matthew Zorpas - On Style

    Men's Fashion Now

    "I think understanding the rules of style is one thing, but the beauty of it is that we have options, which is something that previous generations didn’t have."

    Matthew Zorpas

  • Matthew Zorpas - On Style

The Grooming Line-Up

Matthew Zorpas - Grooming Edit

"Smell is something gentlemen tend to forget, but I have my favourite Monday fragrance, my favourite dinner fragrance... It’s something I’m constantly experiencing."

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