In Conversation With Nick Wooster

Four key influencers, Nick Wooster, Fredrik Risvik, Olof Nithenius and Matthew Zorpas, come together to dissect and discuss the Anatomy Of Style

With a background that reads like a who’s-who in luxury fashion, from shop floor to buyer, designer to consultant, spanning a 40-year career and more of a sartorial force than ever, as the digital landscape rapidly expands, Nick Wooster has carved out his very own corner of cool.

On the rise of the influencer today, he explains: "Men don’t like to ask directions, so Google Maps helped them find their way. Blogs and social media have done the same thing for getting dressed. And we all bring something different to the table.”

  • The Fundamentals

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    "The building blocks of my wardrobe have not actually changed in 40 years. There’s always a white and blue shirt, black and brown brogues, a Chelsea boot, a pea coat, a cashmere V-neck sweater, a blazer – the proportions may change, the lapel width may change but overall there are certain things that never go out of style. They're investment pieces and easy to build on."

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    On Intrinsic Style...

    "I certainly had to learn the rules of good taste, of what looks 'right'. That’s a lifetime's work, I don’t think we’ll ever figure it out fully. You have to work at it, evolve it."

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    "Style is such a subjective thing, particularly today. There is no one way to look, it's so layered. It's a fascinating time."

    Nick Wooster

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The Grooming Line-Up

Nick Wooster - Grooming Edit

"Grooming is really about the individual. There’s no right or wrong. You have to learn your skin, set your goals and once you understand all that then it’s really simple."

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