Introducing The Fendirumi

To celebrate the opening of its first #Fendirumi pop-up at Harrods from Thursday 4th August to Tuesday 30th August, we welcome the arrival of two celebrity guests, the Fendirumi themselves – Piro-chan and Bug-kun. Two metres of furry fun, the Fendirumi pay homage to the Japanese phenomenon of kigurumi animal suits.

Get in on the Fendirumi fun with mini versions of the mascots recreated as bag charms in mink and kidassia fur, plus discover a range of exclusives, including two new bag bugs, Har and Rods, available in limited quantities, croco-steel bags in vibrant shades, exclusive ready-to-wear pieces and more.

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  • Meet The Fendirumi

    Fendirumi at Harrods

    Visit #Fendirumi World and take a selfie daily at the following times (The Fendirumi will not appear on Tuesdays):

    12 noon to 12:20pm
    1pm to 1:20pm
    2:30pm to 2:50pm
    3:30pm to 3:50pm
    6pm to 6:20pm
    7pm to 7:20pm

  • Fendirumi at Harrods


    What happened when we photographed the exclusive Fendi collection on set in London? The Fendirumi stole the show! From photobombing our model to having their fur blow-dried, these fuzzy mascots were in the mood for some serious fun.

  • Fendirumi at Harrods

    The Fendirumi

    "Japanese pop culture and kigurumi-mania gave me the idea of having two Fendi mascots to attend our events"

    Silvia Venturini Fendi

  • Fendirumi at Harrods
  • Fendirumi at Harrods

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