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    February 2013
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    Editor's Letter

    Harriet Hawksworth

    The trends we see

    on the catwalk are born and die on the street. Blogger Susie Lau’s been toting flatforms since she first arrived on our screens, and Scandinavian blog-stars Hanneli Mustaparta and Elin Kling were practically born wearing SS13’s modern minimalist look. So see our how-to guide on getting the looks fashion’s coolest stars wear so well…

    Harriet Hawksworth, Editor




    The ultimate front row look...

    Helmut Lang Contrast Sleeve Jacket

    Helmut Lang Contrast Sleeve Jacket  £525

    Read More

    If you buy anything this season, buy Helmut Lang's Era Contrast Sleeve Jacket. Simple enough to go with anything, but delightfully on trend with its so-now monochrome vibe, you can wear this bad boy all year round.

    Shop Now  
    Givenchy Leather Shark Bracelet

    Givenchy Leather Shark Bracelet  £310

    Read More

    The Leather Shark Bracelet is like the LBD of the jewellery world. Just as easily worn with ripped cut-offs and a bikini, we guarantee this little beaut will just get better with age as the leather strap softens and the gold details gain some knocks.

    Shop Now  
    Exclusive: Etro Tunic Dress

    Exclusive: Etro Tunic Dress  £675

    Read More

    This dress has it all – amazing on-trend print, tick, cute sixties shape, tick, and yes, our favourite – pockets! More importantly, your chances of bumping into someone in the same dress are slim – this little beauty is exclusive to Harrods.

    Shop Now  
    Stella McCartney Emily Wedge

    Stella McCartney Emily Wedge  £425

    Read More

    Hooray for the revolution that is the flatform. Giving us the leg-lengthening properties of heels, but without the pain, these beauties are perfect for running between shows at fashion week without having to reach for the emergency flats.

    Shop Now  
    Mulberry iPad Folio

    Mulberry iPad Folio  £350

    Read More

    So you’ve got the iPad – why ruin it with an ugly case? Whether in meetings, interviews or snapping models on the catwalk, this fuchsia version by Mulberry will earn you serious fashion clout.

    Shop Now  
  • February Interview image 1February Interview image 2

    theConsuelo Castiglioni interview

    As the mastermind behind Marni, Consuelo Castiglioni is famous for building the ultimate thinking woman’s fashion brand. Launched in 1994, the family-run label is renowned for its eclectic and original aesthetic. Harriet Hawksworth caught up with the famously shy Castiglioni as she launches the house’s first ever fragrance exclusively at Harrods.

    Mrs Castiglioni, you rarely give interviews and generally avoid being the centre of attention. Why?

    I prefer my work to speak for itself. Marni is designed with a special audience in mind, women with a certain sensibility. It’s not about age, or status, but it’s the will to use clothes to express feelings.

    Who is the Marni woman?

    A self-confident individual who dresses for herself. The Marni woman has a sophisticated approach to style, not necessarily fashion-driven, but based on a strong identity and a personal vision. She is curious and always happy experimenting.

    Can you describe your creative process?

    The creation of a collection generally starts with the research of a fabric or a material. I am fascinated by the way different textures, colours and prints can define or change a look. Colour, print and architectural shapes are central to my work, they highlight a form or give a new meaning to an item. I work intuitively, using my instinct as a design tool.

    Are there any places that you return to for inspiration?

    I spend my summers in the Balearic island of Formentera, where we have a house that is my refuge. I love the uncontaminated, dry, sunburnt landscapes. I love the mountains in winter as I am fond of skiing.

    Does being a woman designer give you a different perspective?

    The approach is more personal. I can try things on, and I actually do, testing items as we go along. As a woman designing for other women, I can tell what works and what doesn’t; I would never put something unwearable in the collection.

    “Seduction, for me, is not something that you show off. It comes from within, as an expression of inner strength.”

    How has the luxury industry changed since you first launched Marni in 1994?

    It has grown on a big, blown-up scale that sometimes makes things less emotional. I have the immense freedom to work in a family-run business, which gives me the possibility to create freely in a supportive and cocoon-like environment.

    What’s the best part about working with family?

    My husband Gianni is the CEO, my daughter Carolina is the director of and Giovanni, my son, works in the retail department. It is very gratifying to work all together. It’s like an open dialogue fuelled on passion and attention, with everyone adding their experience and ideas. This way creativity and business can be as one.

    Why the name Marni?

    That is a family thing too; it is the nickname of Marina, my husband’s sister.

    How will launching a fragrance help evolve the Marni brand?

    The launch of the perfume will add another element to the Marni world. This new step is organic to my vision of the brand; it is the olfactory rendition of the playfulness and the unpredictability that characterises our collections. It is at once subtle, individual and bold. A perfume changes slightly from person to person and becomes truly individual. The perfume will make the Marni message truly multi-sensorial and complete the Marni aesthetic.

    What is the significance of the bottle shape?

    I wanted something that was at once classic and timeless, yet a bit ‘off’. I used red for the small cap as an accent, and added dots as a screen on the bottle, like a signature Marni print. I like how all these elements interact in an object that is at once familiar and new. The name, Bambolina, with its soft shape creates a quirky contrast with the clean, archetypal line of the bottle.

    What vision comes to mind when you smell the Marni fragrance?

    A world of contrasts, a subtle and unexpected composition of elements. The fragrance has almost a graphic appeal and just like the clothes I design, it is unpredictably feminine. I chose rose, blonde woods and red spices to be the key notes because of the olfactory dialogue they create with one another - a counterpoint of dry peaks and feminine curves.

    What is your first memory of scent?

    It’s the memory of the scent my mum was wearing as I was growing up in Switzerland. I can’t locate it or name it, it is just a fading idea, but a persistent one.

    What is the Marni signature, in perfume and fashion?

    I like to call it silent elegance.

    Shop Marni

  • Womenswear News

    From the catwalk to the front row, Fashion Week is here

    It's all about the Shoulder

    It's all about the Shoulder

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s American Vogue editor, Anna Wintour shoulder robing*! We admit it, we didn’t coin the term, but we can affirm that this season’s front row wouldn’t be seen dead with their arms in their jackets. Firstly, they haven't got time, and secondly, who needs arms when you have a driver?

    *Wearing your jacket/coat as a cape.

    Shop Just In Jackets  
    Victoria, Victoria Beckham Lands

    Victoria, Victoria Beckham Lands

    Posh, VB, Mrs David Beckham - the lady has many names. Victoria Beckham can also add stockist at to her signature now that her ‘younger sister’ line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham has landed. We’re talking graphic tunics and printed minis imbued with a modern 60s vibe. We love the striped jacquard number Anne Hathaway teamed with her pixie crop at the BAFTA Tea Party - posh indeed!


    Shop Victoria, Victoria Beckham  
    It's Fashion Month

    It's Fashion Month!

    The snow almost halted our flight to New York. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and we made it just in time to bring you reviews from the front rows of Tibi, DKNY and Marc by Marc Jacobs to name but three. London saw the style- set out in force while we went backstage to discover the hair and beauty trends from the likes of Burberry and Paul Smith. Next up, Milan.

    See our coverage  
  • Menswear News

    Take your pick from our new season get-up trends

    Sports Retro

    Sports Retro

    The London Olympics have more than left their mark on the fashion world. However for SS13, sporting style takes a retro turn. Think fresh white hi-tops from Adidas Originals, grey marl sweats from Thom Browne and logo knits from Diesel. Top the lot off with an Armani Jeans backpack and you’ll have the trend nailed without even breaking a sweat.

    Shop Sports Retro  
    Power Prints

    Power Prints

    Brace yourselves. Print is big this season. We’re talking loud, proud, bold-as-you-dare big. Ok, so we don’t expect you to emulate Etro’s head-to-toe motifs. However, one of their signature paisley print shirts isn’t a bad place to start. Paul Smith designs a lovely floral while Alexander McQueen’s skulls will appeal to your masculine side. Just don’t stand too near any patterned wallpaper.

    Shop Prints  
    Modern Safari

    Modern Safari

    You don’t need to step foot in the desert, or even come into contact with sand to look super Safari cool this season. Khaki works with everything as a smart alternative for denim (you can even wear it in the office). Wear it in the form of minimal bombers and slim line chinos – but whatever you do, don’t wear combats – they died with the 90s.

    Backstage images by Jason Lloyd Evans

    Shop Modern Safari  
  • 1

    In the frame: Lanvin


    Bag yourself a Mulberry


    Sophie's World: Sophie Hulme


    We love VB: Victoria Beckham

    Accessories News

    This month, it's all about the bag

    In The Frame

    Beauty News point 1

    In The Frame

    Much like the stiletto heel, nothing says, “I have a driver” like a tiny clutch. And the coolest clutch to carry right now is a frame clutch. All hard edges, this little guy looks like a jewellery box (see Lanvin’s version above) - heavier than your average and certainly not for everyday, but a great way to add edge to floaty evening ensembles.

    Shop Lanvin  

    Bag yourself a Mulberry

    Beauty News point 2

    Bag yourself a Mulberry

    It is officially time to pep-up your accessories closet, and Mulberry is the only way to go this Spring. From summery spearmint greens, to funky metallics and barely-there nudes, Mulberry’s SS13 handbags are to die for. We think the Bayswater in Pistachio Glossy Goat will create the longest waiting list yet (our name's already down).

    Shop Mulberry  

    Sophies World

    Beauty News point 3

    Sophie's World

    Any designer who can make a chip fork luxe (gild it and turn it into a charm) is OK by us, so we were super-excited when Sophie Hulme’s innovative accessories landed online. From toys to door handles, Hulme takes inspiration from a wide range of everyday objects. We particularly love her ultra-collectable SS13 shoppers with gold hardware.

    Shop Sophie Hulme  

    We Love VB

    Beauty News point 4

    We Love VB

    Despite initial reticence, we are total and utter Victoria Beckham converts, and we mean the fashion brand of course. Available in light, refreshing tones such as grey and soft blush, the SS13 line is perfect for Spring.

    Shop Victoria Beckham  

    Ever wondered what it’s actually like to design and send a collection down the runway every season? Fresh off the plane from London, we nipped backstage during New York Fashion Week and caught up with Tibi owner, Amy Smilovic to find out...

    You seem really calm - do you get nervous before a show?
    Everyone says we’re the calmest show. I’m really serene until the last moment and then I have been known to get a little stressed, but I do like to keep a lid on things most of the time!

    How important is model casting to a collection? Can the right girl make or break the show?
    Sometimes I will have really big fights with my Casting Director because he really wants me to use the hottest girls, as in, the girls everyone is using. In reality, sometimes I just don’t feel they fit with the brand. At the moment I am totally in love with Sara Blomqvist (1), she’s opening the AW13 show and to me she embodies the Tibi spirit – she just looks so cool!

    What was your first ever show like?
    Well, I remember it was super early in the morning – a crazy call time. You learn lessons. I was so eager to make an impression that I think I packed the show with dramatic evening looks. I quickly realised that’s not what the brand is.

    What outfits will you be sporting during fashion week?
    I like to stick to clean lines in dark colours, and most of all I like to be comfortable! [See Amy’s fashion week outfits (2)]

    What can’t you make it through fashion week without?
    It sounds like a total cliché but it really is my family, they really keep me grounded. [Halfway through our chat Smilovic’s son runs up to check whether his teacher has arrived to watch the show].

    Who do you love to see wearing your clothes?
    For me, right now it’s all about the bloggers, I love Elin Kling (3) [Elin styled the Tibi SS12 show (4)] and Hanneli Mustaparta (5); Scandinavians always have such natural, innate style.

    What has been your most memorable fashion week moment?
    I can honestly say getting snowed in this season was a very memorable moment for me. I live in Greenwich, Connecticut and the snow was so heavy this morning that I literally had to dig my way out. The police were advising people not to travel unless absolutely necessary – so we just dug our way out and drove towards the border. It’s a miracle I’m even here.

    What do you do straight after a show?
    I go for a big dinner with friends and family. It’s the best way to relax and unwind after all the stress.

    And how do you start the process of designing another collection?
    My team and I travel to Paris. We go to all the fabric shows and check out materials. We talk a lot about what we’re wearing and what we’re wearing it with. So, like, we’re loving trainers but we don’t want to put trainers in the show so, maybe we’ll have a boot with a rubber sole. We chat like that and we hang out, have a drink; it’s a fun process.

    What can we expect from the AW13 show?
    This is one of my favourite pieces from the collection, [motions towards a grass green pant suit (6)] it’s woven neoprene. The sports luxe thing is such a good reflection of what the brand’s about. This season, there are loads of detachable transeasonal pieces. I’ve designed the collection so it’s totally wearable as the seasons change.



    We took seven
    SS13 trends worn by fashion's hottest street style stars and recreated their looks. Go ahead and feast your eyes (and wardrobes)...

    All street style photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

  • THE

    Shop the trend

    Candy colours
    coupled with a frisson
    of translucence, excuse our expansive prose, but isn't this just darling? Choose neon pastels, chiffon teal and fuchsia
    to get the look.

    SPLIT MAXI SKIRT, £1,199

    NEW KEONI TOP, £250

    DOLENE DRESS, £1,200

    DOLCE BAG, £1,070



    Shop the trend

    Mix and clash power prints to your heart's content, but don't forget - the key to keeping this look slick is all in a power block clutch and structured black tux, shoulder-robed of course.

    JIRDO JACKET, £525





    Shop the trend

    Pink, yellow, orange
    and everything in between, Summer fashion just got seriously tropical. To avoid looking like a cocktail, mix your citrus shades with a healthy dose of neutral



    CORAL TOP, £265




    Shop the trend

    Fierce is the word.
    Don’t pull any punches with this boardroom-busting get-up. Jewellery should be silver and punchy, lipstick eye-wateringly bright and don’t even dream of wearing a print.







    Shop the trend

    Head-to-toe stripes
    have never been cooler. Experiment with shades and widths for a thrown together nonchalance à la Warhol’s iconic muse
    Edie Sedgwick.

    SILK BLOUSE, £215

    SKINNY JEANS, £139

    DENIM SKIRT, £110

    SILK SCARF, £240

  • HOT

    Shop the trend

    Modernise lacquered shine with soft boyfriend tailoring in natural fabrics like cotton and linen. We love the splash of scarlet here, and nothing does it like a bit of Givenchy
    arm candy.

    LOGO SHIRT, £130

    ADDIE SKIRT, £255




    Shop the trend

    The key to nailing this textural trend is all in mixing your surfaces. Team sequins with studs and brocade with devoré, the sky’s the limit as long as it's contrasting.

    SMOKING JACKET, £2,225

    STUD CLUTCH, £419


    LACE DRESS, £299

  • Harrods top treatments tested by our resident beauty buff sarah rose edwards

    Harrods magazine beauty buzz february 2013

    This month:
    the nail loft

    Nails are having a bit of a moment, so where better to launch our first Beauty Buzz than the Nail Loft? Stationed above Urban Retreat on Harrods’ Fifth Floor, this salon has an impressive manicure menu, so we threw ourselves into the trial with some velvet nail art and the Everlasting Manicure, both in Spring/Summer’s hottest colour trend - pink of course!

    Look 1

    Velvet nails:

    We’ve all dabbled with a nail pen at some point, but techniques and finishes have progressed beyond wobbly polka dots. Introducing the Original Sugar Velvet Manicure, a new sensation that is already making waves on Instagram and beauty blogs. The process starts with a coat of regular polish in your chosen shade, we went for bright hot pink, so a smooth fuchsia was painted on prepped nails. Next a clear top coat, and then the interesting part. Donning gloves, technician Daiva tapped out hairy pink fibres from a test tube onto our nails, pressing it down with a steel implement and finally removing the excess with a fan brush.

    The result is neat, furry nails with a fabric like texture that is surprisingly velvety - frivolous enough to be fun, but too chic to be novelty. There is a catch though - the effect does not mix well with water, and the wonderful, fluffy effect is dampened on contact. Best keep this one for special occasions.

    Shop nail colour
    Harrods magazine beauty buzz february 2013

    Look 2

    Everlasting manicure:

    The Everlasting Manicure is in fact a gel-based treatment that lasts two to three weeks. Not exactly what it says on the tin, but far superior to a standard lick of paint. After a quick cuticle clip and file into our favourite ‘gherkin’ shape, there was a rainbow of shades to choose from - far more choice than you’d get with your standard Shellac treatment. In the name of experimentation we prised ourselves away from the usual gloomy black, and settled on a natural creamy pink inspired by Cara Delevingne’s Vogue cover nudie nails.

    Colour picked, the process is speedy. Zeena painted on swift coats of polish before placing hands in a sonic looking LED light machine for 40 seconds. Four coats later it was rock hard and ready to go, with none of the usual purse smudges or coat sleeve fears. Everlasting? Maybe not. Impressive? Definitely.

    Shop Nail Care
    Harrods magazine beauty buzz february 2013
    Harrods magazine beauty buzz february 2013
  • 1

    Show me the Marni: Marni EDP


    Look now, look again: See by Chloé


    Fancy florals: Floral Fragrances


    For the men: Men's Fragrances

    Beauty News

    Fragrance gets a fashionable makeover


    Beauty News point 1

    Show me the Marni

    We love the idea of wearing our favourite label every single day, and now we can. Step forward the new Marni fragrance (exclusive to Harrods), and the unexpected combination of spice, raw woods and rose is the beauty equivalent of the clean lines and masculine undertones we see on the runway. This, along with its well-dressed dotty bottle, makes it the ultimate accessory for SS13, kind of like a Marni clutch, in olfactory form.

    Shop Marni Fragrance  

    See By Chloe

    Beauty News point 2

    Look now, look again

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but contrary to Shakespeare’s heroine’s lament "what’s in a name?", sometimes there is something in a name. See by Chloé (available on Monday 25th February) for example. As soon as we heard that the brand was set to launch a fragrance we predicted a cool, modern scent with buckets of Parisian elegance. And we were right; the combination of apple blossom, jasmine and vanilla make this an effortlessly fresh girly perfume. Sorry Juliet.

    Shop Chloé Beauty  


    Beauty News point 3

    Fancy Florals

    Technically Spring is here, but the Great British weather hasn’t yet caught up with our fashion seasons. SS13 skies have stopped us donning our favourite floral tea dress, but luckily Harrods fragrance counters are abloom with fresh new fragrances. Get your flower power from energising Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin, or if you prefer a lighter, breezy scent Givenchy Dahlia Noir L’eau is just the ticket. For evening try Bottega Veneta Eau Legere, a dark musk and leather blend.

    Shop Just In Fragrance  

    For the men

    Beauty News point 4

    For the men

    And we haven’t forgotten the men. Whilst he might not be keen to don Versace menswear’s sheer mesh boxers or sequin embellished tunics (SS13 - what a season!), the brands’ new fragrances for men have all the style credentials but are a tad more wearable day-to-day. Choose from oriental Versace Eros or dark and moody Oud Noir (both exclusive to Harrods). Prefer a fresher approach? Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male is laced with cooling lavender and mint, fashion-forward yet masculine.

    Shop Men's Fragrance  
  • The Ultimate Foot Fetish

    Is it possible to fall in love with an inanimate object?

    Love this

    We are so excited about these shoes because they make everything in our wardrobes look ‘now’. Alright, don’t hold the front page, it’s not rocket science – we just love the idea of teaming them with some perfect boyfriend denims (preferably ripped) and a tight, jet black body top matched with a killer tailored blazer.

    But on the flipside they’d look just as magic with an LBD, or shorts for that matter. What we love most about these shoes is that they look like the kind of pair Erin Brockovich would wear to work – remember readers, “good taste” isn’t always sexy.

    Shop Givenchy Teddy Peep Toe

  • Next Issue

    Why do some women have 'it'? We find out in the Timeless issue - out on Friday 22nd March