The East India Company Tea for the Year Collection

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The East India Company's long-standing tradition of introducing flavours from around the world to the British palate continues with the Tea For The Year Collection. Inside the silk-lined trunk, discover myriad flavours and varieties to serve with a beautiful Benjarong tea set, accented with 18 karat gold.
Alcohol free
Hamper Contents
  • Pillars of Jade flowering tea, four bulbs

    A mixture of chrysanthemum flowers and rose buds. Light-bodied and refreshing with floral notes.

  • Jasmine Pearls green tea 100g

    The perfect harmony of aromatic florals and lively young green tea buds.

  • Hari Muskan 'Green Smile' tea 100g

    From the Nilgiri foothills in southern India, delicate and crisp.

  • Spring white tea 50g

    A delicate white tea consisting solely of Silvery and Fine Tippy leaf and bud.

  • Da Hung Pao Oolong tea 50g

    A dark rich oolong, fermented for longer than a traditional oolong.

  • Milk Oolong Reserve tea 100g

    With its caramel infused aroma, this Milk Oolong tea creates a velvety smooth infusion.

  • Himalayan Gold Black tea 50g

    This tippy, colourful tea produces a mild, flowery aromatic cup.

  • Japanese Sencha 100g

    A fresh and light green tea with hints of grass.

  • Kala Moti Nilgiri black tea 100g

    A mild black tea with a beautiful aroma and smooth flavour.

  • Nepal Ruby black tea 100g

    One of The East India Company's favourites, rich yet nuanced, grown in the Himalayan foothills.

  • Ceylon Afternoon Tea 100g

    A bright, full-flavoured and well-balanced black tea.

  • Ginger Black Tea 100g

    A refreshing and light-bodied infusion made with pieces of piquant wild ginger.

  • Heart of Persia Saffron Tea 100g

    A rich blend of black tea, saffron, fruits and flowers.

  • First Romance loose-leaf black tea 100g

    An exotic and sweet blend of fruit pieces, flower petals and ceylon black tea.

  • Rose Buds Tea 50g

    An infusion of natural rose buds with an entrancing, perfume-like aroma.

  • Sacred Heart flowering tea, four bulbs

    A flowering tea threaded with orange lily,jasmine flowers and Globe Amaranth.

  • Sencha-Sakura loose-leaf green tea 100g

    An ambrosial blend of Japanese Sencha green tea and cherry blossoms.

  • Chamomile with Rose Buds tea 50g

    Fragrant and soothing whole chamomile flowers laced with delicate rose buds.

  • Mango black tea 100g

    A tropical black tea laced with mango pieces for a distinctive and flavourful cup.

  • Mi Lan Dan Cong Oolong black tea 50g

    A rich and distinctive oolong boasting notes of apricot, orchid, mango and peach.

  • Dragonwell Lung Ching green tea 100g

    Hand pressed and fired in a wok - a refreshingly sweet and delicate blend.

  • Golden Tips White tea 50g

    An amber hued liqour, lingering in sweetness with hints of honey and pine.

  • Cape Colony Honeybos tea 100g

    A flavourful herbal blend, known for its sweet floral aroma and smooth finish.

  • Kama Sutra black tea 100g

    Brews a bright amber hue with a fusion of warming spices, rose petals and orange.

  • Lychee Congou Black Tea 100g

    Chinese black tea infused with lychee juice for distinct and delicate flavour.

  • Peach black tea 100g

    Sweet and bright, this peach black tea brews a pleasant and sweet cup.

  • Green Pouchong Oolong tea 50g

    A light and delicate Oolong with buttery and floral notes.

  • Cinnamon Spice black tea 100g

    Enriched with cinnamon pieces with a rich and warming flavour.

  • Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea 100g

    A beguiling oolong from China offering a complex, fruity profile.

  • Silver Cloud Oodoowera Estate White Tea 50g

    Lingering notes of honeydew and cantaloupe give this white tea a distinct flavour.

  • Jasmine Silver Tips white tea 50g

    A delicate white tea with fragrant jasmine.

  • Flower of Cathay black tea with rosebuds 50g

    A blissful blend combining rose buds with Imperial Yunnan black tea.

  • Thousand Year Red flowering tea, four bulbs

    A delicate flowering tea with refreshing and light-bodied with floral notes.

  • Nile Chamomile tea 50g

    Floral and delicate, from a source near the Nile.

  • Silver Dawn white tea 50g

    A beautiful white tea laced with precious Saffron - a delicate infusion wth a soft sweetness.

  • White Oolong tea 50g

    A blissful combination of Chinese white tea with fragrant Jasmine.

  • Snow Tea White Tea 50g

    Originating from the Himalayan foothills, this tea only boasts the top leaf and bud.

  • Nilgiri Frost Winter black tea 100g

    A rare and unusual tea. Brews a light golden colour with floral hints.

  • Assam Second Flush Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe black tea 100g

    Produces an enticing cup with malty character and pleasant aroma.

  • Custard Apple 'Soursop' green tea 100g

    A highly distinctive, digestive tea with a floral, nutty sweetness.

  • Blend No. 68 Tropical Punch white tea 100g

    A tropical blend of white tea with hibiscus, rosehip and orange peel.

  • Genmai-Cha Green Tea 100g

    A complex blend of Sencha green tea combined with roasted brown rice.

  • Houji-Cha green tea 50g

    A blend of Bancha and Sencha, this Japanese Houji-Cha has a distinctly toasted taste.

  • Rainforest Lumbini black tea 100g

    A fine black tea laced with gold tips, boasting a rich sweetness of dark sugar.

  • Orange Blossom Oolong green tea 100g

    Fine Taiwanese Oolong with an orange peel tang and sweet orange notes.

  • Yuzu Oolong green tea 100g

    Soft, clean citrus notes balance this mild, buttery Taiwanese Oolong.

  • Mint Oolong green tea 100g

    Oolong Tea provides a smooth base for fresh British mint, creating a subtle yet fresh cup.

  • Pomegranate & Hibiscus Oolong green tea 100g

    Mellow Oolong with hibiscus flowers and a touch of pomegranate for a refreshing, fruity cup.

Gifts & Accessories
  • Six Benjarong teacups and saucers

    Beautiful Thai porcelain evokes images of the Far East come teatime.

  • 1.1 litre Benjarong teapot

    Hand-decorated to exceptional standards, this Thai teapot brings a taste of the Orient to afternoon tea.

  • Benjarong milk jug

    Complete the teatime set with this Thai porcelain milk jug.

  • Benjarong sugar bowl

    Whether you take one lump or two, this beautiful Thai porcelain bowl is perfectly sized for a spot of sugar.


For allergens, please see ingredients listed in bold.

Black tea from Sri Lanka with Vanilla essence
100% black tea from India
100% black tea from India
Green Tea from China, Chrysanthemum flowers, Rose buds
Chinese black tea with Lychee
100% green tea from India
100% white tea fron Nepal
100% oolong tea from China
Chinese green tea scented with Jasmine Blossom
100% black tea fron Nepal
100% green tea from Japan
100% black tea from India
100% black tea fron Nepal
100% black tea from Sri Lanka
Blended Black Teas from India and Sri Lanka, Ginger Pieces
Black tea from Sri Lanka with Saffron
Black Ceylon Tea with Strawberry essence, mango pieces, orange peel, cornflower, marigold, lotus and blue mallow
100% Rose buds
Chinese bulbs of Orange Lily, Jasmine Flowers and Globe Amaranth
100% green tea from Japan
50% rose buds, 50% Chamomile
Black tea from Sri Lanka with Mango essence
100% Oolong tea from China
100% green tea from China
100% white tea from Sri Lanka
100% Honeybos infusion from South Africa
Blended Black Teas from India and Sri Lanka
100% black tea from China
Black tea from Sri Lanka with Peach essence
100% Oolong tea from Taiwan
Black Tea from Sri Lanka, Cinnamon Oil, Cinnamon Pieces
100% Oolong tea from China
100% white tea from Sri Lanka
White tea from Sri Lanka  with Jasmine Flowers and Jasmine fragrance
Black tea from china with rose buds
Chinese bulbs of Globe Amaranth and red flowers
100% Chamomile
100% white tea from Sri Lanka, with Saffron
100% white tea from Nepal
100% white tea from Nepal
100% black tea from India
Black tea from Sri Lanka with saffron
Ceylon green tea blended with custard apple (soursop), fruit and natural essential oils
100% black tea from India
White tea, lemongrass, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, passion fruit flavour, pineapple flavour, mango flavour, banana flavour
100% Japanese Green Tea
100% green tea from Japan
100% black tea from Sri Lanka
Oolong tea from Taiwan with natural orange oil and orange peel
Oolong tea from Taiwan with natural yuzu oil
Oolong tea from Taiwan with natural mint oil
Oolong tea from Taiwan with natural pomegranate oil and hibiscus flowers

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