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Chantal and Alexandra Roos Dear Rose Fragrance

5 Minutes With: Chantal And Alexandra Roos From Dear Rose

Chantal Roos has spent most of her career in the perfume industry, most notably at Yves Saint Laurent, where she helped create the legendary scents Opium, Kourus, Paris and Jazz. Now, along with her daughter Alexandra Roos, a musician and composer, she launches a new fragrance brand, Dear Rose. Exclusive to Harrods, the collection comprises of five scents created with perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. We spoke to the mother and daughter duo, to find out more about the fragrances, and the merits of working with family.

What inspired you to create a fragrance collection together?
A: There was a transmission, from a mother to a daughter. We wanted the opportunity to create a story with a niche perfumery to create our own brand, and also wanted the happiness of working together.

How did your respective backgrounds in beauty and music influence the creation process?
C: Alexandra is very creative and a proper artist who creates music, not just a singer. We knew that I was the one to have fragrance culture but sometimes culture can be too heavy, and it stops you doing things because in your head you put up barriers. She would push that because she comes from another different creative world.

Tell us more about the fragrances…
C: The five fragrances are five facets of one woman. ‘A Capella’ is a fresh, green floral - it’s early morning and the garden is fresh with dewy rosebuds.

A: ‘I Love My Man’ tells the story of a woman in love; it is a huge bouquet of roses, a real skin fragrance.

C: ‘Bloody Rose’ is a bouquet of white flowers and a bit of gourmande on a woody dry down; it’s hypnotic and leaves a trace you won’t forget - the scent of a sensual, dangerous woman. And then you go on holiday…

A: And she wears ‘Sympathy For The Sun’, with a salty accord. It is a very chic fragrance for holiday on the Riviera. A sophisticated woman wears this fragrance.

C: The last one, ‘La Favorite’, is for the exotic journey. It is a spicy, woody fragrance with an exceptional oud smoke.

Why did you decide to centre each perfume around the rose?
A: Our name, Dear Rose, is not a tribute to the flower. We’ve used ‘Rose’ as a symbol of perfume; rose features in 98% of all perfumes, even if it’s a trace. There is obvious rose in ‘A Capella’ and ‘I Love My Man’, but otherwise there is just a trace, as there would be in any other perfume.

Did working together affect your relationship?
C: Yes, in a positive way!

A: The good thing is, when you are family you don’t have many arguments. Even if we disagree, it much less difficult than it would be with a stranger.

Which is your favourite fragrance in the collection?
C: I don’t have a favourite – it’s like I have five children! I like them all for their differences. I can wear all of them, but it depends how I feel.

A: I like them all because we worked on them all, but, ‘Sympathy For The Sun’ was the most astonishing one for me; I thought “wow, what an amazing job he did.” It was perfect and exactly what we wanted straight away.

What’s next for the brand?
C: In time we will be creating a new collection, and extending our current perfume voices.

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