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Decleor Aromessence Super Serums

An Introduction To Facial Oils

Whether your skin is dry, prone to breakouts or sometimes both, facial oil doesn’t seem like the most obvious of skincare solutions; plus - to be truthful - in the fast-paced world that we live do we really need to be adding to our daily routine?

At the forefront of aromatherapy skincare innovation for more than 40 years and world-renowned for its award-winning facial oils, we got the low-down from Decléor and discovered there’s much more to the Aromessence™ Super Serums than expected. Read on to find out why you should consider introducing them into your beauty regime...

1. Hydrating

Formulated to balance the skin, Decléor’s Aromessence™ Super Serums are absorbed into the skin almost instantly. The essential oils penetrate the skin, boosting hydration without a trace of oily residue or greasiness.

2. Complexion Brightening

Each of the Aromessence™ Super Serums harnesses the properties of the essential oils within it – calming, stimulating, softening, purifying etc. – however, all work to brighten the complexion and the effects are noticeable on first application. Regular exfoliation (twice a week for +25s and once a week for -25s) will enhance results.

3. Anti-Ageing

Decléor has created three separate serums formulated to cover the anti-ageing spectrum. Tackle the first signs of ageing with Aromessence™ Mandarine Serum, treat mature skin daily with Aromessence™ Iris Serum and help mature skin defy time with the youth-boosting Aromessence™ Excellence Ultra-Regenerating Serum.

4. All Natural

Every one of Decléor’s Aromessence™ Super Serums is a unique combination of nature’s purest and most potent active ingredients, which have been collected from all parts of plants using highly specialised methods to ensure their benefits aren’t compromised.

5. Lasts Forever

Thanks to the specially-developed frosted glass bottles, as long as the Aromessence™ Super Serums are stored in a warm, dry place they will last forever, enabling you to chop and change between serums without fear of them going out of date.

6. Speedy Skin Fix

Far from being a beauty burden, applying facial oil is a 30 second interlude in your existing regime. Having cleansed and toned, simply warm two drops of the serum between your palms and massage onto the face, following up with moisturiser in the morning and balm at night.

Off on holiday? Prepare skin for the sun and optimise a tan with Decléor’s Sun Aromessence™ Tan Activator Serum. And don’t forget to Waterproof Your Make-Up Bag!

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