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Star Scents

Fragrance is one of the best things you can buy to increase well-being and happiness as each odour stimulates the synapses located in the most primitive part of the brain,” says Master Perfumer Roja Dove.

Astrology can prove similarly helpful when balancing internal energies. Awareness of your zodiac position can provide the tools needed to enhance positive personality traits, while reducing the more unhelpful. It stands to reason, then, that using your star sign personality profile to shape scent choices could help boost your mood and energy. We’ve consulted Urban Retreat’s Spiritual Astrologer Carolyne Faulkner and Master Perfumer Roja Dove to bring you the ultimate guide to finding your perfect star scent.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

Carolyne says: “These signs inspire others with their energy and positivity. They are dynamic, brave, strong leaders who need tones and scents that steady them and help to calm them in order to maximise their energy and increase happiness.”

Perfume Profile: Fire signs should strive to find equilibrium by switching up their scent for something tranquil. Though often drawn to warm spicy scents, these signs will benefit from more calming nuances. “For balance, [try] the intoxicating floral scents of gardenia,” recommends Roja Dove.

Try these: Fragrance classicists should look towards Roja Parfums Gardenia Extrait. Alternatively Elie Saab Le Parfum offers a modern outlook that retains gardenia at its core. Looking for a gift for a Fire sign friend? A soothing, scented candle like L’Artisan Parfumeur Le Printemps Candle will make a wonderful addition to any Aries, Leo or Sagittarius home.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

Carolyne says: “These signs impress others with their ideas and knowledge. They are intelligent, innovative and pioneering game-changers who need tones and scents to ground them and slow them down in order to actualise their goals and increase happiness.”

Perfume Profile: “Breezy, playful notes sum up spontaneous Air signs,” explains Roja Dove. While these signs are entranced by light, fresh florals, they should look to tone down free-spirited tendencies with more grounded earthy fragrances.

Try these: Byredo’s Gypsy Water will bring flighty Air signs back down to earth with scents of pine, smoke and fresh soil. The warm Tuscan tones of Salvatore Ferragamo Terra Rossa also provide a strong sense of base with an amber signature, while Miller Harris Feuilles De Tabac Candle will bring rich, woody facets to the home.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

Carolyne says: “These signs gain respect via their logic and tangible successes.
They are ambitious, fixed perfectionists who ‘wow’ the world through their achievements, status and tenacity. They are successful, hard-working, talented beings who need tones and scents to lighten them up and reduce the impacts of stress and anxiety and increase happiness.”

Perfume Profile: These star signs will have a natural pull towards full, sensual notes of earth and wood, which don’t always help to alleviate the stress of striving for perfection; however there is no need to abandon this fragrance family completely. Roja Dove recommends seeking out more modern interpretations. “Contemporary fragrances use lighter blends to achieve the earthiness without the ‘ugh’ factor.”

Try these: Marni’s first fragrance combines spice and raw woods, yet remains fresh thanks to a touch of rose. Alternatively, try a chypre like Miss Dior which balances rich, musk notes with a fresh sparkling aldehydes and mood-lightening citrus. A crisp candle like Floris’ Lavender & Mint will help uplift and relax after hours.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

Carolyne says: “These signs have the ability to read between the lines and gauge people's motivation and attract via their powerful energy. They are intuitive, artistic and visionary beings who tend to be the most sensitive of the signs. Water signs need to learn how to protect their energy which will increase happiness. They need tones and scents that are fresh and clean, yet warm and nurturing.”

Perfume Profile: Clean, fresh fragrances with hints of warm florals and wood will act as a protecting comfort blanket to aid wellbeing for these sensitive souls. “The floral notes of hyacinth, carnation and, in particular, ylang-ylang – which has an intoxicating, tropical smell – give a flowing scent that Water signs will love.” suggests Roja Dove.

Try these: An ylang ylang trail adds depth and warm to Dear Rose’s orange blossom-laced Bloody Rose, while Roja Parfums Neroli Extrait also provides freshness and sensuality in equal measures. For home scent, try Diptyque Baies Candle to refresh and uplift.

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