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Stella McCartney Stella launch

Stella McCartney Relaunches Stella Fragrance With A New Campaign

Stella has become synonymous with the classic signature scent, and to celebrate the cult status of the fragrance, Stella McCartney relaunches her debut perfume with that same original essence, but with a more directional expression in its packaging.

"I wanted the packaging to be contemporary and edgy, it has a playfulness to it. The degrade effect on the bottle was inspired by the fashion side, it was all about textures and fabrics," the designer explains.

The luxe new look features a plum-hued outer box, embossed with gold polka dots, while the amethyst crystal-inspired bottle remains as iconic as ever with its stunning faceted aesthetic.

Speaking about the scent itself, she says: "I grew up on an organic farm In England, garden smells were part of my childhood, particularly the old English rose. I can't walk past a rose without smelling it. So this provided the backdrop to the Stella scent. The idea of petals falling off an older rose - that fragile moment which holds so many emotions, and rose is such an emotional flower to work with. But to balance the fragrance, I felt I needed a masculine element - as that relationship between feminine and masculine is deeply rooted in my work. That's where the grey amber notes come in. The beauty of the perfume is when these two elements kiss."

And to extend the vivid new look for the fragrance, model Lara Stone fronts the stunning campaign imagery shot by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Speaking of her choice to work with Lara Stone, the designer says: "Stella is a celebration of women and Lara is the perfect representation. She brings the ideas of the fragrance alive in an honest way."

Stella comes in EDP 30ml - handy for popping in your handbag, 50ml, 100ml and a beautiful body lotion to layer up the scent.

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