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Shiseido LX Yutaka Facial

Tried And Tested: Shiseido LX Yutaka Facial

Japanese skincare brand Shiseido’s rich heritage dates back to 1915; the company’s facial treatments still use traditional Eastern tsubo pressure point massage to soothe and relax the mind and body. Keen to discover if the ancient technique can help skin troubled by modern stresses, we trialled the LX Yutaka Facial in-store at Harrods.

The Treatment

The facial began at the Shiseido counter in The White Hall, where Rebecca Chantrell, Shiseido National Training and Promotions Manager, used the Skin Touch Analyser to determine the exact needs of the skin. One camera click revealed a close up square of the face, and identified dryness – this information was then used to tailor the facial.

Rebecca started by removing all make-up with super silky Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover . This was followed-up with a bubbly application of Future Solution LX Foam and a Japanese Oshibori hot towel to deep cleanse. After the skin was softened, and massaged (very relaxing!), Rebecca smoothed on Future Solution LX Regenerating Night Cream and layered on a cooling face mask. The mask was left on for 20 minutes before being removed. A final application of cream and eye cream completed the treatment.

The Verdict

The LX Yutaka Facial is the ideal addition to your shopping experience at Harrods. The luxurious massage encourages relaxation, but the inclusion of a cold mask makes sure you are invigorated and refreshed before emerging from the treatment room. Even better, your Skin Touch Analyser results will be stored at the Shiseido counter, meaning you can return and repeat the test to see the difference the products have made to your skin.

The Yutaka Facial has a booking fee of £50, which is redeemable against the purchases of two or more Shiseido products on the day, one of which must be from the Future Skin LX collection.

To book, please call +44 20 7730 1234 and ask for the Shiseido counter.

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