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Your Armani Brow Masterclass

Brows are having a moment in the beauty world.  Led by Cara Delevingne, this revolution demands full, natural eyebrows, rather than the thin plucked look that was popular in the early 2000’s. Celebrity trends aside, the importance of brows should not be underestimated; clever shaping will help to frame your face, giving the illusion of a more lifted and sculpted appearance. We spoke to Giorgio Armani National Face Designer, Thoa Tran, for her top tips on achieving the perfect brows.

Eyebrow Shaping
Shaping eyebrows at home is daunting but there are some simple rules that make the process a little easier. “Your brow should begin in line with the side of your nose,” Thoa explains [- see point 1 above]. “To find out where it should end, hold a pencil from the corner of your nose, and line it up with the outer corner of your eye [- see point 3 above].  Hold the same pencil under the brow to reveal the perfect width of the brow [- see point 2 above], and make sure that the arch is highest in line with the outer side of your pupil,” [- see point 4 above]. 

Enhancing Your Brows
Once shaped, define your eyebrows by filling in with a little colour. “Giorgio Armani’s new Eye and Brow Maestro is perfect for the job.  We’ve been using this product backstage for the past few seasons; it’s multi-use and it is designed to mimic the reflection of natural hair to stop brows looking flat or one dimensional,” she adds. Apply with the comb end of the specially developed Eye and Brow Maestro Applicator for a natural look.

Eye and Brow Maestro can also be used as eyeliner with the brush end of the applicator, and works well applied as a cream eyeshadow, contour shade for cheeks - it can even be used to conceal roots in between salon visits.

If its multi-tasking prowess is not enough to convince you, the shade range might just. No more choosing between three muted browns; it comes in six varying shades including jet black, red and different tones of blonde.

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