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Destination Party Grooming Tips

From the ultimate accessories and immaculate style, to radiant and youthful skin, plus, an alluring scent - these are the essential ingredients to every man’s daily routine.

"Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version of himself to the world." - Tom Ford.

On set at Destination Party, US menswear style pro Adam Gallagher shared his tips for maintaining hydrated and balanced skin: “I tend to focus on keeping to a daily regime as I can be prone to breakouts. I moisturise every day - even twice sometimes depending on what my skin needs. I supplement this with a few treatments here and there for an extra boost.”

From TOM FORD’s Purifying Face Cleanser to Skin Revitalizing Concentrate, the Oil Free Moisturizer to Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment, these are the must-haves to kick-start your healthy skin regime.

Tom Ford adds: “Fine grooming can be this simple: take care of your skin, look closely at your face and use a few basic corrective techniques, and you will present your most handsome and impeccable self to the world. My collection of men's skincare and grooming products was born from my deep conviction that taking care of oneself adds quality to life."

And no grooming arsenal should be without a strong and powerful scent such as TOM FORD Oud Wood from the Private Blend collection.

"I have wanted to revisit oud for years; it is one of the most endlessly fascinating ingredients in a perfumer's palette. I explored how oud could intertwine with other precious ingredients from the rich and storied culture and artisanal traditions of the Middle East." - Tom Ford.

Visit TOM FORD at Salon de Parfums on the Sixth Floor in-store at Harrods and discover the exclusive Oud Wood Maccassar Set, plus in November, Italian Cypress is released from the Private Blend Reserve - a distinctly elegant fragrance that achieves the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Shop our pick of those essential TOM FORD Grooming products below.

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