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Andrew Barton Talks Hair Credit: Photo courtesy of Urban Retreat at Harrods

Andrew Barton Talks Hair

With over 25 years’ experience in the hair industry and countless awards, including British Hairdresser Of The Year, under his belt, as well as being master behind the jaw-dropping hair transformations on the hit make-over show 10 Years Younger, Andrew Barton is renowned for creating beautiful hair.

Now at the helm of Urban Retreat at Harrods as Salon Creative Director, we caught up with him to chat about the hair salon, his new Simply Beautiful campaign and of course, those all-important styling tips. 

When did you first become interested in hair dressing?
I was always fascinated by design and fashion at school, however the business brain in me knew that I wanted to go straight into work and a hair salon seemed the perfect place. Now I realise I have still become a designer that the younger me aspired to be, just working with a different material. Every woman I meet looks to inspiration in fashion for her hair, wanting to look and feel her best.

What do you feel is special about working for Urban Retreat at Harrods?
I am hugely honoured to have been appointed Salon Creative Director in Urban Retreat at Harrods; our ethos is simple, to continue to create gorgeous colour, exceptional cuts and all-over shiny, beautiful hair. It’s great to work with such a talented team of experts who know how to make a woman feel and look her very best.

What is the story behind the Simply Beautiful collection?
The inaugural Simply Beautiful collection represents style and glamour through different age groups of our clientele, who know that their hair is part of their style just like their choice of fashion or fragrance. Each look we have created pays homage to a woman’s character and how she wants to communicate her style; from relaxed glamour to sophisticated elegance.

What should we expect from an appointment with you and your team?
A great hairdresser offers advice to make a woman’s hair look and feel its best. Offering a bespoke service for our clients is at the heart of what we do, and training our team with the latest techniques, products and services is the foundation of the salon.

Why is a great haircut so important for women?
Like a great fashion item, when the haircut fits it gives a wonderful sense of confidence. I believe that the right hair cut can turn heads, make a woman look younger, taller or slimmer – whatever she wants to be.

What are your top tips for looking after a stunning salon style at home?
Using a styling product at home as well as a three-step hair care regime (shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask) will ensure you are looking after your hair investment. The health and vitality of hair is super-important to maintaining your look. Hair that is styled with a styling product, whether it be a lightweight styling mousse or a luxurious styling crème, helps your style last longer and gives the added benefit of heat-styling protection.

What is the best way to re-create a salon-worthy blow-dry on our own?
Of course, a hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other can be tricky. Avoid styling your hair from wet; blast-dry the hair first until it’s 80% dry then use a brush, section by section, to build the overall shape of your cut. Pin sections of hair into a loop on your head once you have blow-dried them, as this will retain the heat and create a longer lasting effect.

How can we create a simple but show-stopping up-do at home?
Using the simple ponytail as a base is a great place to start. Pulling the hair back into a ponytail secures the majority of the hair wherever you place it, either high on the crown or low in the nape. Once the hair is secured, arrange the ends of the pony into either simple twists or a knot.

What are the products you think no woman should be without?
You can’t beat a prescriptive haircare regime recommended by your stylist. This will need to change from time to time (roughly every six months), not because your hair has become used to a product, as many believe, but more because the issues you have may now have changed.

To make an appointment with Andrew Barton or a member of the Urban Retreat hair salon team, please call a member of the Customer Service and Guest Liaison team on 020 7893 8333.

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