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Behind The Brand: Henry Jacques

“I have always been intrigued by the beauty in colours and scents. That privilege is given to everyone, but I felt it from earliest childhood,” says Henry Cremona, Founder of Parfums Henry Jacques.

Borne from a life filled with inspirational travel, Henry Jacques Cremona’s namesake brand was founded in 1975 near Grasse, France. Having spent his formative years exploring myriad corners of the world and experiencing new and different cultures, Henry found himself observing people on his travels, and studying what made them happy, especially women. “There is beauty in all women,” he says. “It can be how they look, how they think and express themselves. There is always something to admire.”

Henry set about making his brand an intimate affair, allowing customers to choose from only the purest, most natural essences and essential oils. “Our inspiration springs from the long, rich history of the planters, distillers, and researchers with whom we work, mainly small, family landowners who take great pride in what they do,” advises Henry.

It is Yvette, Henry’s wife and collaborative partner, who adds the final note to each creation. “They say good things come in pairs, and in another part of the world another person was also awakening to this wonderful privilege [of being intrigued by the beauty in colours and scents]. She became my wife. When our lives became one, the desire to create sparked and flamed.” On his favourite scents, Henry says: “We have a special penchant for rose and jasmine. My wife and I always enjoy reminiscing about the mixes of rare essential oils found in the distant countries and regions where our travels have taken us.”

From the intricately-designed flacon down to the specific notes in each juice, at the heart of Henry Jacques is a determination to excite customers with a truly bespoke and unique creation, something that they can keep forever and know is theirs and theirs alone. “Our greatest pleasure is to read in the eyes of our customers the satisfaction and contentment of wearing a Henry Jacques perfume. Their request is very simple: they entrust us with finding a beauty so dear to their heart - a one-of-a-kind Henry Jacques perfume that will be like a caress on their skin, a delight to wear,” enthrals Henry.

Committed to using only the finest, most precious natural ingredients for his scents, it’s no wonder Henry Jacques has fast become known for its specially-made perfumes. “It takes a lot of patience to achieve the harmony and balance customers seek. But our reward is their abiding loyalty, and the happiness of seeing their smiles of satisfaction once the creation is finished.”

And for the future of Henry Jacques? “We hope to keep providing pleasure and making our customers happy – but also to keep investing in the quest for beauty and delight. After all, our perfumes wrap the wearer in essences of flowers and precious woods. We are sure that nature still holds many delightful discoveries.”

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