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The Nails Guide

You’ve got the perfect pout, the ultimate up-do and your smoky eye is so on point, all you need now is a great set of nails. We spoke to Urban Retreat’s Nail Loft Manager, Simone Reid Jones, about how to care for your nails, the colour trends of the season and how to make nail polish work that little bit harder for you...

What are the top nail trends for party season?
For the current party season, it’s a mixture of glitters and Autumn/Winter colours. Dark reds and plums are always a good choice during the winter months, but this year there’s a trend for deep purples with a two-tone glitter effect to them.

What are some of the best ways to make the most of shorter nails?
Keep them square and have regular manicures to trim the cuticles, giving them the appearance of being longer. Short nails are actually quite versatile when it comes to colours; both dark reds and burgundy can be worn, as well as lighter pinks and natural beige colours. Avoid wearing brighter shades such as hot pinks and corals with shorter nails, as it can come across as a little too much.

What is the nail shape this season?
A stiletto with a sharp point, and oval; however it really does change from week to week based on celebrities and the latest designer trends.

Do you have any top tips for longer-lasting nail polish?
Always have a good base coat and top coat, give yourself time to dry properly when painting nails at home or in the salon, and avoid painting your nails at home if they’re not clean. A good wipe with varnish remover can always help with this. Leighton Denny and Seche Vite have great fast-drying products which really help to seal the varnish in. Also, I always recommend applying a thin layer of top coat a few days after painting, just to give polish a new lease of life.

How often should you file down/reshape your nails?
I always try to shape my nails every two weeks depending on how fast they grow. Manicured nails really are a maintenance thing for many women with hectic lifestyles, so sometimes little and often is the best way. A quick file and buff at home will keep your nails looking neat inbetween full manicures.

Do you have any top tips on nail care and how to keep them healthy?
1. The best advice I can give on maintaining healthy nails is to not use them as tools; the age-old tricks of using washing-up gloves and avoiding opening cans really do make a difference.
2. Regular in-salon manicures, ideally once a month, and a shape and re-varnish either at home or in the salon inbetween will ensure your nails always look their best.
3. A base coat is your friend so don’t be afraid to use it! Many women don’t have time to spare so often forget to use a base coat when painting their nails at home and run the risk of permanently staining the nail bed.
4. Hand cream and cuticle oil should never be overlooked; not only do they moisturise the skin on the hands, they help to keep the cuticles hydrated and supple allowing for easy removal when it comes to trimming them back.
5. And lastly, love your nails! Take the time to oil them, buff them and file whenever you can, little bits of maintenance throughout the week keep nails healthy and strong. Use treatment base coats for your nail type if you don’t like to have colour all the time to avoid damaged, broken nails.

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