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Skincare Secrets with Dr Lancer Credit: Lancer Skincare

Skincare Secrets With Dr. Lancer

In the lead up to his much-anticipated visit to Harrods this month, we caught up with Hollywood’s favourite dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, to discover the secrets behind A-List-worthy, youthful skin.

What would you say is the secret behind younger-looking skin?
There are many secrets, but your skincare programme is the first main pillar. Then, there are other things that go into it: stress reduction, normal exercise routines and, of course, nutrition. Those are the four pillars of looking our very best.

So what should our skincare routine look like?
Virtually every routine is based on the concept of some kind of cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. That’s the order, and it’s always been that way. Instead, I say that the biology of skin requires a proper exfoliant on a daily basis first, rinsing the exfoliant which is both mechanical and enzyme based, and then using the cleanser to soothe and remove debris before finishing with the anti-inflammatory product. So it was always three steps, but the reversal of the order is because of the biology of skin. It’s now Polish, Cleanse, Nourish.

With so many science-based products now available, what makes The Method really stand out?
The Lancer Method has antioxidants, nutrient protein peptides, and anti-inflammatory components, so in terms of chemistry, it’s all there. But the true chemistry is in the delivery systems. It’s a skincare programme that actually delivers, because the programme not only uses the finest quality ingredients, but the delivery process has also been perfected.

Is there a secret to application to make sure we get the best out of the products?
There is most definitely a method to The Method. The polish was designed to be used in the shower. Let the steam from the water dampen the skin, and then the polish is applied droplet by droplet in a circular motion covering the entire face, neck, and décolleté. That should take about two minutes, and then it’s all rinsed off. You also apply the cleanser in the shower, then apply other products after; whether it’s the Intensive Night Treatment, the Lift Serum Intense, whichever products best suit your needs.

When is the best time to use The Method?
Preferably in the evening, because the majority of metabolic repair that occurs in tissue is during sleep hours. So the evening is when you do the work for restoring the skin, that’s when the glycolics and the retinoids and all these other products are used to mix a palette of perfection. The skin absorbs the products better and utilises them better while you are at rest.

Why is using SPF an absolute must?
If there is enough light for you to see without the use of a flashlight then there is enough light to damage your skin. It is important for day-to-day use in all seasons, in all climates, in all locations on the globe.

Is it possible to alter The Method to different skin needs?
Yes, definitely. You need to see how your skin is responding, then add and retract certain parts of the programme on an individual needs basis. Your skin’s needs are different at different ages and in different environments. The products cover the entire spectrum and are designed to provide a benefit, but the real secret is that you have to be actively involved in the process of looking your best.

Dr Lancer will be in Harrods offering 15-minute consultations on Friday 16th October, helping you discover your perfect skincare programme. To book a consultation please email

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