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The New Look With Mario Dedivanovic

The New Look With Mario Dedivanovic

Infamous for being the master behind Kim Kardashian’s flawlessly contoured make-up, Mario Dedivanovic is the make-up artist to know. Following a two hour in-depth masterclass on just how to achieve contouring perfection, we caught up with him to talk everything from selfies and products, to what he thinks the look is we should all be striving for in 2016. Refreshingly, it’s not contouring.

Contouring is always seen as being ultra-glamourous, is there a way to tone it down for day time?
I think for everyday it’s just not necessary for a woman to do. However, if you are going to do it then just brush a tiny bit of bronzer on the cheeks, nothing on the forehead or nose.

How do you create an amazing base at home?
If you want really super-natural looking skin then use a liquid foundation, like Giorgio Armani Maestro which kind of looks like skin. I use powder in my work just so make-up lasts while the client is away, but for the everyday woman I think not using a lot of powder is key. Also, carry oil blotting tissues with you everywhere you go and your base should always be perfect.

What about perfect selfie make-up?
Well that depends on what kind of woman you are! But it’s the smile. I think if you’re a natural girl then that’s what your selfie should convey. Just a little mascara, some colour on the cheeks and lips and smile. There’s so much of this heavy, contoured make-up going on with these uber-glam selfies, so I think we need more natural girls out there. In fact I’m always encouraging Kim to take selfies with no, or less glamourous, make-up on and put it out there. I think that sends a good message to women.

Would you say strobing is the next big trend we should all get to grips with?
Strobing is just the idea of highlighting without the contour, so it would be hard for most women to have that look really nice on them, it is very intense. You can tone it down, again just by placing it on the cheeks rather than the nose and above the lips. But really I like classic looks that will look good forever.

So what do you see as being the next big trend?
In the fashion and celebrity worlds the trend is going to be very sexy make-up with no harsh lines and beautifully blended, clean skin with a beautiful brow. The more pedestrian trend is going to be matte strong lips in browns, reds and plums. Overall it is very polished but unpolished; everything is just very soft and blended. 

What would you say is your favourite make-up look?
I always have a very polished, feminine aesthetic, so at the moment it would be just really simple, really clean make-up. For example, when I did Kim’s look for the Givenchy SS16 show I didn’t use any eyeliner, I didn’t use any false lashes, I didn’t use any blush. That’s kind of how my aesthetic is feeling right now, very soft, blended, modern and no lines or sharp edges.

If you had to choose, what would you say were your absolute top five products?
A lash curler, the Beauty Blender is one of my all-time favourites, Kiehl's Ultra-Facial Moisturiser is another of my favourites, a good brow pencil and the Crème de la Mer Mist for a finishing dewy look to skin.

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