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Party Hair By Andrew Barton

Get perfect party hair courtesy of top hair stylist and Salon Creative Director Urban Retreat at Harrods, Andrew Barton. Showcasing some super-chic up-dos, discover how you can get the look at home with his top tips...

All of the styling starts from either a freshly blow-dried head of hair or clean, dry hair. 

- Start by drawing a deep side parting on one side of the head.
- Next, draw a three-inch section on one side of the parting. Lift this section and divide into three smaller sections and plait the hair.
- Continue to gently plait the hair around the head shape to an area behind the ear. 
- Leave out the hair at the back and secure the plait with a band.
- Repeat the same process on the opposite side of the head and intertwine the two plaited tails together, and pin into the loose hair at the back.
- Gently back-brush the loose hair and dress into the nape of the neck and secure with hair grips. 

Kir Royal 
- Gently back-brush the hair throughout and then, using your fingers, rake the hair back away from the face and pull back into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck.
- Gently back-brush the tail of the pony then brush over the surface of the tail and twist the hair into a bun shape.
- This shape can be exaggerated in shape and size by splitting the hair into two halves and dressing around each other or by adding hair extensions for more hair, or by using a bun ring and dressing the hair around the padding. 

French 45
- Draw a section at the fringe area approximately two-inches wide and thick. Lift the hair straight up and back-brush the hair from the roots down to the tips.
- Repeat the same process on a similar-sized section behind this first section and continue all the way down to the nape.
- With all of the hair back-brushed from the front to the back, continue the same process down both sides of the head.
- Once all of the hair has been back-brushed, gently brush over the surface of the hair to smooth but do not lose the volumised   effect.
- Brush all of the hair from one side of the head to the opposite and secure in a line down the middle of the head with hair grips. Criss-cross the grips to create the shape, then dress the hair from the other side over the head to the middle and turn over securing the hair into a pleat effect. 
- The size of the pleat will depend on the hair’s texture, length and the desired look. 

These styles are also available in Urban Retreat at Harrods. Just head to The Couture Styling & Cocktail Bar, where you can choose from six stunning hairstyles that are inspired by some of the world’s most famous cocktails. Until Thursday 31st December, you can opt for the sleek French 45, the classic Kir Royal or the contemporary-cool Cosmopolitan and more. Produced by Andrew Barton, Salon Creative Director in Urban Retreat at Harrods, the price for a 30-minute dry styling appointment is £40 and includes a complimentary cocktail. 

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Get the ultimate up-do by booking a session with the Urban Retreat Couture Styling and Cocktail Bar in Harrods on the Fifth Floor.

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