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Haircare Guide: Volume

For those of us who don't have naturally thick hair, the daily toil of trying to boost thin, lifeless strands into a head of healthy, voluminous tresses is a familiar process. And while we can't fully change the texture of our hair, fortunately there are many styling tricks, products and tips that can help give the illusion of luscious, full locks.

The first step towards thicker hair is to switch your shampoo for a good, volume-specific formula. High quality products like Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo will make your hair look instantly fuller after the first wash, yet will also maintain and amplify the results over time.

In addition to this, keep a clarifying shampoo in your bathroom and use once a month to reduce product build-up – Lazartigue Deep Cleansing Shampoo will refresh the scalp and remove any lingering residue that can make hair lank and lifeless.

Remember to keep your conditioner light. Philip Kingsley’s Moisture Balancing Conditioner is moisturising, but not too heavy, making it ideal for fine hair. Apply just to the ends, so roots aren’t weighed down, and make sure to rinse completely clean.

Blow Dry
No time to section your hair and dry with a round brush? No problem, you can still inject volume into your do with some simple hair dryer techniques. Blast your head all over until hair is 80% dry, then tip your head upside down and aim the dryer at the hair tip for an instant volume boost. Finish by taking sections of hair from the crown and parting, and hold 90 degrees from the head before blasting roots in the opposite direction of growth for all-day lift.

Regular Salon Visits
Split ends give the illusion of thin hair. Unfortunately this type of hair damage is irreversible, so take the plunge and book in for a haircut. Blunt edged styles make hair look thicker, while longer hair can be volumised with clever layering. Maintain your cut with a trim every six weeks.

Your hair needs a balanced diet that contains all key nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimum health. It’s also worth noting that protein and iron are crucial for hair growth, so stock up on lean meats, beans, pulses and leafy greens.

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