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Dr Lancer

10 Minutes with Dr. Lancer

Beauty Writer, Sarah Rose Edwards caught up with one of Hollywood’s favourite dermatologists, Dr. Harold Lancer, to find out more about his breakthrough skincare collection, Lancer Skincare.

What made you decide to launch the products you use in your LA clinic for the outside world?

Our patients had seen such wonderful results with the products and we had many people asking to purchase the products that they had heard about through their friends, family etc. When Oprah invited me on her show to showcase the products, of which she was a big fan, the demand absolutely skyrocketed. From there, it only made sense to make the products available to the outside world.

How is Lancer Skincare unique from other brands?

The key component to Lancer Skincare> is The Method; a three-part system that relies on interlocking chemistry to prep the pH of the skin to receive the maximum payload of anti-ageing, nourishing ingredients. Exfoliation is the key component of The Method, and actually teaches the skin to act younger. Skin that acts younger, looks younger.

What’s the best way to determine our Lancer skin type?

When my book, Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin, launches this spring, everyone will have the opportunity to explore a detailed guide to determining their skin type, and the best products for their skin. Until then, adding products slowly into your daily routine, and waiting to see how skin reacts is the best course of action. 

Is it simple to shop the collection? How should we go about creating a bespoke skincare regime?

Shopping the collection is quite simple. The Method consists of three parts - Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish - which can be tailored by skin type. Those people who are new to the products should start with the basic Method, and then slowly and methodically add in products specific to your skincare concerns. Uneven texture? Try a glycolic acid cream like our Retexturizing Treatment Cream. Sun spots and damage? Try our Advanced C Radiance Cream. The variety of products that can be paired with The Method ensure that there is a bespoke skincare regime available to everyone.

Are there any application techniques that will increase product efficacy?

Always apply product when skin is slightly damp, as this will help seal moisture into the skin.

Products aside, what’s your top tip for red carpet-ready skin?

At our office, our placenta facials are a red carpet-prep favourite. The stem cells in the placenta treatment boost the health and moisture of the skin.

What’s next for Lancer Skincare?

As I mentioned, this year I am launching my new book, Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin. We are incredibly excited to bring my Lancer Method philosophy to the world.

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