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Summer hair guide blonde Credit: Burberry Prorsum SS13. Image courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans

Summer Haircare Guide: Blonde

When it comes to our beauty regimes, the summer sun can be both friend and foe, radiating nourishing vitamin D, while at the same time damaging with harmful UV rays. And while upping the SPF in the sunny months does wonders for protecting our skin, the sun’s effect on hair can sometimes be overlooked.

Kicking off our Summer Haircare Guide with a focus on blonde hair, we’ve spoken to an expert panel of the top colourists, trichologists and stylists in the business to help you tame those summer tresses into glossy, hydrated, colour-rich locks.

Healthy Blonde…
Blondes the world over know how difficult it is to keep golden locks looking healthy, radiant and not lacklustre, especially when it comes to being exposed to the sun. Prone to breakage, blonde hair needs extra-special care in the summer.

“Blonde hair is usually the finest textured (smallest diameter) of all hair colours; it tends to break more easily as it is weaker,” says trichologist Philip Kingsley. “Lots of people think that because the sun’s rays are natural, the change of colour in your hair that the sun gives is not damaging – but it is just as damaging as applying bleach.”

Hair SPF…
Combat breakage with a regular hair mask, and don’t forget your hair needs SPF too. “Try using haircare products that contain sunscreens,” explains Philip Kingsley. “My Swimcap, for example, is perfect for summer hair protection as it guards against discolouration and damage caused by weathering from the sun (UV damage), chlorine, salt water and wind and helps to keep your hair’s moisture levels maintained.”

Colour Combat…
If you’ve travelled unprepared, don’t panic; Aveda’s Master Technical Director, Bruno Elorrioroz advises that coating hair with your regular conditioner will also act as a barrier to help prevent that tell-tale chlorine green tinge.

If you’re more worried about brassy tones, try a colour-specific shampoo and conditioner like Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner. Blue by name and nature, the formula will brighten your hair colour and keep the much dreaded yellow at bay.

Treatment Options…
If it’s too late for prevention and you need a quick remedy, book straight into the salon as your plane touches down. “I’ve seen so many disasters after a long summer in the sea and swimming pool,” says Flavien Abbas, celebrity hairdresser and Senior Art Director for Harrods’ Urban Retreat. “Do not try to do anything on your own. The professional colourist will solve the problem with a toner.”

Stock up for the sunny months with our selection of blonde hair saviours below.

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