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Shiseido Suncare

Suncare Tips From Shiseido

You’ve been dreaming of your approaching summer getaway for months. Bikinis have been bought, your passport is packed. But have you chosen the right suncare? Japanese beauty brand Shiseido are pioneers in skin and suncare product technology. Rebecca Chantrell, the brand’s National Training Manager, talks us through its innovative range and offers advice on how to stay safe in the sun this summer…

1. Know what you are protecting against. UVA are damaging rays that can penetrate the surface layers of the skin. “They can go deep down into the dermis which is where you find your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. This is where photo ageing and wrinkles can happen” explains Rebecca. UVB are the rays you can feel and what develop a suntan. “Long-term over-exposure to UVB rays can cause sunburn, sunspots and skin cancer,” she adds.

2. Buy the right sunscreen for you. “Make sure the sunscreen suits the location and purpose of your holiday; for example, choose a water-resistance level depending on what you are doing.”

3. Choose the right SPF. SPF protects against UVB rays. “An SPF30, for example, will protect your skin 30 times more than normal,” Rebecca explains. “Broad-spectrum sunscreens, like ours at Shiseido, protect against both UVA and UVB rays. We would always ask our customers what skin type they are, how they find their skin in the sun, if they burn easily and when was the last time they were in the sun and make a SPF prescription based on their answers.”

4. Tailor your sunscreen to your body part. Your face and body have different needs while areas such as the eyes and lips are very sensitive so choose products to suit. “I would also recommend wearing a higher SPF on the face, chest and hands to the rest of the body as these areas get the most exposure,” says Rebecca.

5. Apply sunscreen before getting dressed. That way you won’t miss anywhere. “Apply at least half an hour before you go in the sun so the sunscreen is absorbed and the filters have time to settle,” Rebecca adds. “However, your skin is not completely even and is made up of many lines, pores and furrows. Conventional sunscreens will fall into these furrows, no matter how well you apply, leaving the surface vulnerable. Shiseido has developed a new patented ingredient, SuperVeil-UV360TM, which coats the surface of the skin perfectly and evenly preventing dangerous UV rays from entering the skin from all angles for better protection.”

6. Reapply frequently. “With higher factors, such as SPF30 and SPF50, you should reapply every couple of hours. With a lower factor, we would recommend you apply more frequently. The Shiseido suncare range is very water-resistant, and you will be protected in and out of water for 80 minutes, but we would still recommend reapplication.”

7. Don’t forget after sun! Sun exposure can leave skin dehydrated. “We offer an Intensive Recovery Emulsion which delivers lots of moisture and gets your skin producing more moisture as well,” notes Rebecca. “Our After Sun Soothing Gel with menthol is very cooling and refreshing and is light in texture, making it great if you suffer from sunburn.”

8. Use sunscreen everyday. Fight against the damaging effects of UV rays daily by choosing a moisturiser, BB cream or foundation with SPF15 or higher. “If you wear a product without SPF we would recommend using our Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 30. It has a feather-light formula that protects against UV rays and air pollution and can be used everyday as a make-up base,” adds Rebecca.

9. Remember, you can’t undo sun damage. “There are products available that will help fade pigmentation but generally, once an area of your skin is damaged, it will always be sensitive and prone to pigmentation.”

10. Choose the innovative Shiseido suncare range for your holiday. “Our suncare range is made up of low, medium, high and very high protective products and tanning products. All are sand-proof, sweat-proof, transfer-resistant and very water-resistant, making them perfect for enjoying sunbathing and water sports. The SPF range is from 6-50+. We also have an after sun range and sun make-up range, including our bestselling UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF30.”

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