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Tried And Tested: CACI Microlift

CACI facial toning technology was previously only available in the world’s leading beauty salons and clinics, but now, with the CACI Microlift Personal Toning System, you can experience the same lifting, toning and firming benefits in the comfort of your own home. Maria Milano, Head of Editorial and Content at, spent one month testing the hand-held device…

"Being a consummate sceptic when it comes to gadgets, not to mention incredibly lazy about my beauty regime (more than five minutes spent on my make-up and I start to lose the will), I was reluctant to try the CACI Microlift. But with time marching on and a colleague's declaration that her mum has been having Caci treatments in salons for years and has never looked better, I really wasn't in the position to turn down a free trial of this new at-home miracle-worker.

The first pleasant surprise was that the treatments only take 10 minutes - five minutes to firm and tone facial muscles through a series of tiny electrical impulses and five minutes smoothing out lines and wrinkles. The next surprise was that it was super-relaxing - facial massage is highly underrated and a great way to release jaw tension and stress that builds up throughout the day. But the biggest triumph was a friend's compliment after a month of use: "You look so well, have you changed your hair colour? Been away? Had a facial?" Noticing an improvement in your looks but being unable to pinpoint exactly what has been responsible for it is like the Holy Grail of compliments in the beauty world - it's a sign that one small change is having a positive effect on your overall appearance. And who am I to argue with that?"

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