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Barrecore classes Credit: Barrecore

5 Minutes With: Barrecore Instructor Charlotte Rose

As part of Harrods Happy New You, luxury Activewear brand Lucas Hugh joined forces with Barrecore for an early morning workout in-store at Harrods. Barrecore is one of the hottest new exercise classes to hit the fitness world, and has been championed by Hollywood A-listers and models alike. We spoke to instructor, Charlotte Rose, about the benefits of Barrecore, the importance of nutrition and what to wear when exercising.

What is Barrecore?
Barrecore is a fusion of dance-based exercises, yoga stretches and Pilates-based exercises, but primarily dance. We use lots of props, such as the barre and balls, to get to tiny little muscle groups that you don’t usually use in normal workouts – they get right to the core.

What are the benefits of Barrecore?
It elongates the body, and makes it lean rather than bulky.

Is it suitable for all levels of fitness?
It’s suitable for all levels, anyone can do it!

Why do you think it’s so popular?
Because it actually works! You will feel a difference after four sessions, and after 10 you’ll really see the difference.

Are there any other fitness classes that will complement Barrecore?
I always tell people to do Pilates as you can achieve a deeper knowledge of your body and it improves technique.

Talk us through your fitness CV.
I’ve been a dancer for 15 to 16 years professionally and retired last year. I came across Barrecore through a friend and loved it the minute I tried it. I’ve been doing these exercises my whole career and I know that they work.

How important is personal nutrition in your chosen career?
It’s so important, its 70%, maybe more, of what your body looks like. You can exercise, but if you’re eating junk and sugar, you’re not going to see the same results. To me, nutrition is the most important thing – you’ve got to eat clean to look lean! It’s nice to have a treat now and again though - you’re a human, not a robot.

What would a typical day’s meals look like?
I wake up and start with a smoothie. I bought a Nutribullet a few weeks ago and love it; it’s the best thing I’ve bought. I’ll put a bit of granola in, lots of fruit and maybe spinach and kale. Afterwards, I’ll go out for a run and then have eggs with brown toast. For lunch, I’ll have salmon and salad, and in the evening I’ll have sweet potato, chicken and vegetables, or something similar.

What is your weekly exercise schedule?
Instructors take roughly three to four Barrecore classes a week, because although you get a workout when you’re teaching, it’s not really the same. I’ll also try to get at least one yoga class in just to feel the stretch.

When it comes to choosing activewear, what are essential things to consider?
With our kind of classes, you want something stretchy. Sometimes tops with a baggier fit can be good so that you don’t feel choked by them, and they allow you to move so you don’t feel restricted. When running, I go for Nike as it holds you in and gives a bit of support.

If you’re a beginner, what are the top three pieces of activewear to start with?
Leggings, a tank top and a jumper. A lot of the tank tops have built-in support so you don’t need a sports bra.

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