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Bridal Make-Up

You’ve chosen your dress and venue, now it’s time to consider the all-important wedding beauty. Your make-up will never work harder than it has to on your big day, so it’s important to get it right when it comes to selecting your look, choosing products and application. We’ve compiled 10 top tips that will ensure your wedding day is truly beautiful.

1. Book a consultation
You may already have a strong idea of the look you want, but a professional make-up artist will be able to advise on what suits your complexion and wedding style. Bobbi Brown offers a complimentary Bridal Makeup Lesson* at its counter in Harrods – make sure to take lots of inspiration images and a picture of your dress. It also helps if you wear your normal daily make-up so that the artist can work with your beauty preferences to create a bespoke look.

2. Stick with tried-and-tested looks
Don’t risk experimenting with drastically new make-up for your wedding day. If you never wear red lipstick then it’s advisable to avoid it on your big day; the same goes for eyelash extensions or different eye shades. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle so it’s paramount that you feel comfortable – you should look like a better version of yourself, not someone completely different.

3. Allow plenty of time
Whether following Kate Middleton’s lead and doing your own make-up or booking a professional, make sure that you leave plenty of time on the wedding morning to perfect your look – three hours sounds excessive but is about right.

4. Skincare is key
We’re not only talking skincare in the run up to the wedding, but also on the actual morning. If you prep your skin with products that work with your make-up, not only will it help you achieve a flawless result, but it will increase longevity. Those with oily skin types should go for an oil-free gel cream, while drier skins will benefit from a more hydrating lotion. Avoid your usual serums and SPF to keep things simple for maximum hold.

5. Make it last
From mid-morning Champagne with the bridesmaids to the band’s last song, most brides require their products to stay put for at least ten hours, which is no mean feat when combined with a sunny day and emotional ceremony. Bobbi Brown advises to “look for key phrases such as ‘long-lasting’, ‘all-day’, ‘12-hour wear’ and anything water-resistant or waterproof.”

6. Go waterproof
Speaking of going the distance, your mascara may be under pressure during the vows. Opt for waterproof where possible, but if the inevitable happens and you get teary, make sure to carefully blot eyes with a tissue rather than rubbing. Bobbi recommends using eye drops, and then carefully removing smudged mascara/eyeliner with a Q-tip. A pat of concealer around the eyes and nose will cover any redness.

7. Match face and body
It may sound obvious, but it’s really important that you opt for a foundation that matches the tone of your self-tan. Consider your tanning preferences when choosing a foundation shade, and make sure to blend any discrepancies by swirling bronzer from face to neck with a large powder brush.

8. Forgo SPF
Even if the sun is shining, make sure that your foundation and skincare is SPF-free. The protective ingredients in suncare products will react with your photographer’s camera flashes, making you look pale and washed out – not a look you want in the wedding album.

9. Prepare for touch-ups
With the correct make-up formulas selected (see point 4), touch-ups should be minimal, but it’s worth decanting a few essentials into your bridesmaids’ clutch bags; lipstick, concealer and some blotting papers should take you from ‘I do’ to dusk.

10. Make sure you smile!
No matter what wedding look you decide on, your make-up will look radiant and luminous with a smile.

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*To book a Bobbi Brown Bridal Makeup Lesson please call +44 (0) 20 7730 1234 and ask for Bobbi Brown. The lesson is complimentary and the bride will be given a sample to take away with them.

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