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Terry de Gunzburg's Skincare Guide

Terry de Gunzburg knows beauty. Leaving a background in medicine to become a make-up artist, she joined Yves Saint Laurent Beaute in 1985, becoming their International Director of Creation, conjuring up the super-cult concealer pen Touche Eclat. Leaving Yves Saint Laurent Beaute in 2000 to develop her own eponymous brand, By Terry now boasts an ever-expanding skincare and make-up wardrobe for all complexions. Loved by beauty insiders since inception, the brand is all about smart, multi-tasking technology, with flawless skincare as the root to all beauty.

In an exclusive interview, we caught up with Terry to get her expert advice on the fundamentals of skincare...

What do you feel are the crucial steps in maintaining and promoting great skincare?
“I cannot wake up or go to bed without deeply cleaning my face, but it only takes me three minutes. I start with my NUTRI-PURE comforting cleansing balm. I massage it on for one minute and that dissolves the impurities in the deep layers of my skin. Sometimes I'll just use Grain de Rose scrub, a rosebud exfoliator and remove with a warm face cloth. Next I use CELLULAROSE HYDRA-TONER, but I put it in my hand like an aftershave and not on a pad. I do this every morning and night, and my skin is in great condition.”

Always use a cleanser, hydrator, and sun protection on a daily basis – these are the best ways to fight dull skin. Removing your make-up and cleansing away daily impurities allows the skin to ‘breathe’ and regenerate while you rest as well as limiting potential breakouts and blemishes.

Many nightly skin treatments are not advised to be used during the day. If you are not cleansing your skin in the morning, you are technically still using these treatments during the day. Also, a morning cleansing massage is a fantastic way to boost skin radiancy.

Ensuring you clean the skin twice a day with the correct cleanser designed for your particular skin-type makes a huge difference to the skin’s condition and balance.

Why is a moisturiser so important?
“Consider your moisturiser as your daily shield against the external environmental aggressions, or ‘clothes for the face’. The ‘daily shield’ needs to feel comfortable for the individual and be enough protection depending on the season. In the winter months, we layer our clothing for added protection, so try a richer and more nourishing moisturiser in harsher/colder climates.” 

The first sign of skin ageing is dehydration, those fine, crepey lines that can appear on the forehead and areas where expression is made. Choosing the best moisturiser for your skin will lock in hydration for longer and delay the first sign of skin ageing. The new Hydradiance range is just the thing to promote hydrated and radiant skin.

Are there any specific techniques you would recommend for ensuring that the product is activated onto the skin efficiently?
“I always apply serums and creams with a brush to stimulate blood circulation and intensify active ingredient penetration. It's also a great way to save product — everything goes on and into your skin, not on your fingers!”

You work a lot with rose – what are the properties and how is it beneficial?
“I am very passionate about roses; I like them for their colours and fragrances, the texture of their petal, their textures and their coming into bloom.

I find it very fascinating that the rose is recognised as the most romantic and delicate flower of all, yet at the same time it has such powerful properties. Every part of this delicate flower has a specific strength from the petal, to the heart, to the stem - each part has a different property that can be used.  For example, one of the most outstanding properties of the rose is the colouring strength from the crushed petals which we use for a “healthy glow” effect.

It plays a fundamental role; it is the spinal cord of the formulas.  We developed our skincare line on the significant anti-ageing and brightening properties of rose plant cells. To ensure that maximum anti-ageing benefits are delivered, By Terry products incorporate rose in every form: floral water, butter, oil extract, virgin rose oil, crushed rose petals, rose plant cells.

For the Baume de Rose, one of By Terry’s cult products, the “Rolls Royce” rich buttery lip care, I have used pure Essential Rose Wax - a luxurious scent of natural rose.

We were the first to introduce rose plant cells in our products for anti-ageing properties as well as for brightening and anti-dark spot action.

I have been hearing the principle “Never go to bed without cleaning your face” for as long as I can remember. But before that, when I was a baby, my mother used to pour rose water into my bath. I think this olfactory passion towards the rose is now imprinted in my DNA.”

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