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Dior boutique Salon de Parfums Harrods

Dior Launches New Fragrance Boutique In Salon De Parfums

We are delighted to announce that Dior has now opened the doors of its beautiful new boutique in Salon de Parfums on the Sixth Floor. To celebrate, we caught up with the UK Fragrance Ambassador for Parfums Christian Dior, Carl Groenewald, to learn more about the iconic fragrance house, and the exclusive new services on offer in-store at Harrods.

What sets Dior apart from other fragrance houses?
What’s special about Dior is that we opened in 1947 and are the only house that launched as a fashion and fragrance house on the very same day. Miss Dior was launched with the first clothing collection, New Look, as Christian Dior believed that fragrance is the ultimate accessory. We are also one of the only houses left in the world that has our own perfumer. François Demachy creates all of our fragrances and ensures that the raw materials are the very best - we grow our own jasmine and rose to ensure the very best quality.

What can customers expect when they visit Dior’s new boutique in Salon de Parfums?
When the customer arrives in the boutique they will find a huge collection of over 60 fragrances. This can be quite daunting but our experts will sit you down, offer you a drink and then find out all about you to help find your signature fragrance. Also, we are recreating Dior’s beautiful vintage amphoras especially for Harrods – we can fill these with a fragrance of choice and can also engrave the bottles with initials.

What are Dior’s bestselling fragrances?
J’adore is the second bestselling fragrance in the world today, then Miss Dior and Dior Homme for men.

Have the formulations changed over the years?
The originals have been slightly changed because of the law and the ingredients we can include, but the nose of Dior has created exactly the same fragrance with synthetics. You would never know that there was any difference. Since 2005 François Demachy has put his own touch into the fragrances, but not a huge change.

How have fragrance buying trends changed?
Years ago, a lady would have been taken to a perfume house to choose a fragrance and she would wear it all her life. Today I think it’s more about a wardrobe of fragrances that you choose from depending on the time of year and what you’re doing.

What advice would you give someone looking to branch out from a signature scent?
Visit the Salon de Parfums and be open to trying something new and the expertise we have at Dior. It’s a complimentary service and you never know what you are going to discover – spend 15 minutes with our experts and see what we can find for you. With 60 fragrances, I honestly believe we have a fragrance for everyone.

Is there anything to consider when choosing between an EDT and EDP?
It really depends on the season. You’ll find that an EDT is fresh and more sparkling, while the EDP is a bit warmer and richer. The lasting time will also change; an Eau de Toilette wasn’t really ever made to be worn on its own, ideally you would apply the Parfum in the morning and leave the beautiful bottle on the dressing table. The Eau de Toilette can then be used in the powder room during the day to reignite your scent.

Where should we apply fragrance?
On the pulse points - behind the wrist, on the crease of the arms, behind the ear, on the curve on the neck and definitely behind the knee, especially if the lady is wearing a skirt. These are the thinnest parts of the skin and the blood will warm the fragrance which helps it diffuse.

Do you have any tips on buying fragrance as a gift?
It’s a difficult one, unless you know that person very well. A rule that you can go by is, for a lady go for a floral. It’s the bestselling fragrance type in the world as men love women to smell of flowers, and women love to smell of flowers – it’s the ultimate feminine fragrance.

What is the future of fragrance?
Luxury. Gone are the days of the celebrity fragrance, women want the best of the best. It’s all about quality and finding that personal signature fragrance.

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