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Get The Look: Mad Men Hair

The end is nigh for hit show, Mad Men, as we prepare to bid farewell to our favourite characters. And while we’ll miss the utterly amazing outfits, the snappy one-liners and New York in the Sixties, all is not lost as we bring you four super-easy step-by-step guides to achieving the effortlessly chic hairdos sported by Mad Men’s leading ladies.

Betty Francis
1. To recreate this look at home, begin by applying Unite Boosta Spray (available in Urban Retreat, Harrods Fifth Floor) onto towel-dried hair at the roots; this will add volume while you roughly blow-dry your hair with your head held down.
2. Once dry, use heated rollers as it’s a much easier way to create curls and volume yourself. Take a section of hair and roll backwards around the roller, complete this step across your whole head.
3. Allow your rollers to cool and then apply a layer of hairspray to hold each curl before removing the rollers. To retain the volume but remove the ringlet curls, gently brush your hair out with a soft brush, finishing with a curl at the ends.
4. If you have fine hair, backcomb your hair at the front for extra volume, remember to run a brush gently over your backcomb for a smooth finish.
5. Finish the look with a strong hairspray.

Joan Holloway
1. This look always works best on hair washed the previous day. Start your style by applying dry shampoo to help hold the look all day and into the night.  
2. Next, backcomb the hair on the top of your head and gently brush backwards with a soft brush.  
3. To create a loose up-do, twist the two sections of hair on the side of your head to the back, hold together, push up and use Geisha pins to secure. Then securely twist the rest of your hair into a bun.
4. The great thing with this look is that it doesn’t need to be perfect at the back.
5. Finally, use a curling tong to curl the few remaining hairs at the front and finish the look with a glossy shine spray.

By Christal Stanley, Elite Team at Urban Retreat

Megan Draper
1. Tong all of your hair with a curling tool, finishing with a curl hold spray.
2. Next, section off your fringe and crown and backcomb each section, remembering to set them in place with an anti-frizz hair styling spray. If you have fine hair or not enough volume, clip an up-do cushion with bobby pins on the top of your head, smooth the crown section over and pin the hair at the back.
3. Now you have your volume, gently brush your fringe backwards before pushing it slightly forwards for volume and secure with bobby pins.
4. To finish this style, take the section on each side of your face and pin them smoothly to the back of the beehive.
5. Finally, gently run your fingers through your hair to relax the curls and finish with a shine serum.

Peggy Olson
1. Recreate steps 1 and 2 from the Betty Draper look.
2. Allow your rollers to cool down and then apply a layer of hairspray to hold each curl before removing the rollers. While your hair cools, blow-dry your fringe forward to create a feminine shape and then sweep it to the side to help keep the volume.
3. To retain the volume but remove the ringlet curls, gently brush your hair out with a soft brush finishing with a curl at the ends.
4. Finally, backcomb through the top of your hair for the final touch of volume and add a headband. Finish the look with strong hairspray.

By Carlos Rodrigues, Senior Stylist at Urban Retreat

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