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Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate

Introducing The World’s First Beauty Chocolate

Chocoholics will be delighted to hear that their favourite confectionery is no longer considered a vice. Chocolate has finally dispelled its unhealthy reputation thanks to Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate, the world’s first dark chocolate supplement that promotes healthy, smooth and luminous skin.

The anti-ageing benefits of cocoa have long been recognised; however, to provide your body with a sufficient amount you would need to eat 100g of dark chocolate a day which is equivalent to over 500 kcal. Available exclusively at Harrods, Esthechoc contains 70% cocoa and each 38kcal portion contains the same amount of anti-ageing Astaxanthin as 10kg of raw seaweed. Tests showed that when eaten daily for three weeks, Esthechoc dramatically improved skin’s physiology.

We’ve been trialling the Esthechoc over the past few weeks, simply eating one of the individually wrapped squares each day. Although branded as a supplement the chocolate itself is delicious, very much a treat and not a chore. After three weeks, our skin looked brighter and clearer, which was enough evidence to convince us to continue with our daily cocoa fix. Who knew looking after your skin could be so enjoyable?

Shop Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate and other anti-ageing skin saviours below.

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