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Safe, permanent at-home hair removal with the illuminageTOUCH

Review: iluminageTOUCH

Developed by the scientists who invented IPL comes the next generation of permanent hair removal, the iluminageTOUCH from iluminage. Promising to deliver safe, fast and permanent hair removal in the comfort of your own home, this hand-held device combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with Radio Frequency (RF) for permanent results.

Recommended as a course of seven treatments over a period of six weeks, our Lead Copywriter Catherine Sprunt put the iluminageTOUCH to the test, hoping to zap away unwanted hair just in time for summer.

How it works…
Looking like it would be perfectly at home in a high-end spa, the iluminageTOUCH is a sleek, hand-held device nestled in a discreet white base with LED lighting and easy-to-understand symbols for each setting. First, hair must be removed from the area - the iluminageTOUCH comes with a separate epilator head for quick and easy hair removal - then you can choose from three intensity settings. The device features two metal plates which are placed against the skin and, once both touching the skin, deliver the patented elos technology: Intense Pulsed Light to heat up the hair follicle and Radio Frequency energies to permanently disable both the hair shaft and follicle. 

How it feels…
As with any at-home treatments, especially ones that claim to be both permanent and painless, I was a little nervous. The kit comes with a pair of goggles (essential, due to the bright pulse of light), which I wore as I held the device against my skin. The laser delivers a bright flash of light, but there isn't even a hint of pain or heat against the skin. Moving the device across the skin, legs should take about 10 minutes, while underarms only require one or two minutes each. I used the iluminageTOUCH once a week, graduating to the second of the three settings in my third week and moving onto the highest setting after four weeks. While there is a warm sensation against the skin with each pulse when you move up to the higher settings, the process remains reassuringly pain-free. 

Did it work?
The iluminageTOUCH is not a quick-fix solution, but I was pleased to see finer regrowth after six weeks, with more time needed between sessions. The major draw, for me, is the opportunity for permanent hair removal in the comfort and privacy of my own home. The device is discreet, doesn't take up much space and, once the device has been purchased, the long-lasting quartz lamp ensures that any top-up costs are few and far between. An added bonus; the addition of the epilator attachment means that any unwanted hair can be dealt in-between sessions, last-minute, before a holiday or occasion. 

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