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Erno Laszlo Vintage Bottles

Screen Siren Skincare

Back in Hollywood’s golden age, when there was no advanced video editing technology, a naturally flawless complexion was a requisite of all actresses. It was during this time that one name ruled supreme in the skincare market – Dr. Erno Laszlo.

In 1927 Erno Laszlo successfully treated Princess Stéphanie of Hungary’s acute acne, and word spread about his talent; soon his loyal patrons included Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, who he formulated Phormula 3-8 especially for.

Why so popular? Erno Laszlo was an industry pioneer who was the first doctor to launch a dermatologist brand with personalised skincare rituals, and his exciting products, with SPF and PH-balance, were unique at the time. This, coupled with an exclusive institute in Manhattan where it was notoriously difficult to get an appointment, made him the go-to skin guru for high-end clients.

Today the brand still sells Marilyn’s favourite Phormula 3-8, which has been reformulated as Phormula 3-9, as well as Active Phelityl Cream and the ever-popular black Sea Mud Cleansing Bar. More than just skincare, the collection has expanded to include Shake-It Tinted Treatment that treats skin as well as helps cover up imperfections – we think Marilyn would have loved it.

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