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CHANEL Sublimage La Creme


Ten years on from the iconic creation of the SUBLIMAGE range and its evolution, CHANEL has developed its most advanced skincare wardrobe yet. A fusion of extensive research and brand values, SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME is a complete anti-ageing product that regenerates the skin’s functions, targeting the five life factors essential for sublime skin, to regain strength, vitality and perfection.

Harnessing the power of Madagascar Vanilla, precious ephemeral molecules from the fruit and flower are delicately extracted to create a unique active ingredient, essential to the regenerating properties of the creme.

With sensoriality, comfort and volumptousness at its heart, the queen of the SUBLIMAGE line comes in three stunning textures: SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME TEXTURE FINE - As fresh and light as silk satin; SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME - A rich, melt-away cream that hugs the skin like silk jersey; SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME TEXTURE SUPRÊME - Cosy and caressing, it envelops the skin like a silk velvet stole. 

And to ensure optimal benefits from the luxury creme, a specific application technique has been developed. Take a small amount of SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME with the spatula and dab onto each cheek, the forehead, neck and décolleté. Using both hands, smooth over the face, from the centre outwards. Then, glide under the jawline and gently smooth outwards from chin to clavicles. 

As you apply, perform the regenerating application gesture created by CHANEL. Make fists and massage the different areas of the face with circular movements, using the fingers. 

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