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Penelope Cruz for L'Agent

Five Minutes With Penelope Cruz

Award winning actress Penelope Cruz talks all things lingerie for her collaboration with Agent Provocateur's diffusion line, L'Agent

How did your collaboration with L'Agent come about?

I've always been a huge fan of Agent Provocateur, and then my sister modelled for their campaign a couple of years ago. They were thinking of doing an Agent Provocateur diffusion line and we decided to work on it together; we were so happy to be given the opportunity to work with this amazing team on L’Agent and to create something that is very much our own, but also has the Agent Provocateur DNA running throughout.

"We design lingerie for every woman. There are so many different personalities in the collection..."

What's your design process with your sister?

Monica and I always work well together. We’ve done quite a few collaborations over the last 10 years so we know how each other work now and I love working with her. We always start off by sitting down with Sarah and brainstorming, then we go away and source other inspirations. We quite often go away and come back with the same ideas!

Do you have a lingerie muse?

I have so many lingerie muses, but they're not necessarily models. I'm always inspired by strong women and I think you can see beauty in so many things. But if I had to choose one woman I would say Sophia Loren, she is so beautiful and has such a feminine body

Who is the L'Agent woman?

We design lingerie for every woman. There are so many different personalities in the collection so I think if you were to look through you will find one to fit yours, whoever you are and whatever your style. The line is designed to be accessible, so whether you are looking for something every day or more of a show-piece, if you are extrovert or more reserved, we have tried to make sure there is something in the collection for you.

What do you look for when you shop for lingerie?

I would advise anyone shopping for lingerie to get something you feel comfortable in, you feel so much sexier when you feel good in what you’re wearing. I think it is really important for lingerie and it is going to be the difference between falling in love with one piece and it becoming a classic in your closet or just wearing it once. Those are always going to be the best sellers in a collection.

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Health and happiness for my family and friends. For me Christmas is all about being with my family. It’s a time to celebrate and spend time together, and be thankful for everything we are fortunate enough to have.

What's coming up for you in the New Year?

We of course have a new L’Agent by Agent Provocateur collection coming out in January, which we hope you like. L'Agent is now opening stores in LA, NY and Moscow, so it’s really growing fast. I have the first movie I produced, MaMa, coming out around spring. Its directed by Julio Medem and I play Magda, a character that will always be in my heart. I also have GRIMSBY with Sasha Baron Cohen coming out in the summer. I loved working with him. I laughed all day long. 

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