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Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi

How did it feel to see Gwyneth Paltrow make headline news in your stunning sheer panelled dress?

I was thrilled by it; I was in London on appointments when I first received notice from my PR that Gwyneth had worn the dress, which was amazing. It felt overwhelming. I think perhaps it turned into a frenzy because Gwyneth is an incredibly elegant, demure lady, a mother and 40, so for some people that dress was provoking and dangerous.

"I've had a lot of highs and a lot of lows and I think everyone needs that. You can't be catapulted to the top and stay there."

Who is the one celebrity you have not yet worked with but would love to dress?

Angelina Jolie. I like strong, powerful, sensual women and she is all these things, but it’s also alluring that she keeps herself to herself. I think she’s the Holy Grail of celebrity dressing.

What should we be putting on our new season shopping lists?

Invest in a suit or, at the very least, a man's shirt. There is something sexy yet classic about androgyny. Also, pieces that are a mix of fabric and texture feel very new season.

If you could give your younger self advice on starting out in your career, what would it be?

I've had a lot of highs and a lot of lows and I think everyone needs that. You can't be catapulted to the top and stay there. Life is about hurdles so I wouldn't actually go back and change anything. I'm lucky that I am very content with what I do.

Which other designers in the industry do you admire?

I like designers who are bold. I very nearly worked with Helmut Lang but then my graduate collection was picked up so, regrettably, I didn’t have the chance. Alaïa is a favourite. I worked with John Galliano and I have some amazing memories from that time. And I really admire Nicolas Ghesquière and the work he did at Balenciaga.

What is it that inspires you?

I like to people watch, no matter where I am in the world, so observation is always a key influence. And movement inspires me. I’m always thinking “how could I show more curve on that woman without restricting her?” I like to see things through rose-coloured specs.

And finally, what is your one fashion commandment?

Always wear perfume. Nothing too strong, it should be subtle, but fragrance leaves a lasting impression. Once a dress leaves the room, the perfume stays.


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