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Pat The Bunny - Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Charlotte Olympia

Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Charlotte Olympia Talk Bunnies

Style icon and mummy blogger Julia Restoin Roitfeld teamed up with some of her favourite childrenswear designers to bring to life the wonderful children's storybook Pat The Bunny for a special event at Harrods. We caught up with her and designer Charlotte Olympia to talk all things bunnies...

What’s your personal connection to the Pat The Bunny book?

Julia: Growing up in France we didn’t have Pat The Bunny, however my parents loved the United States and we would spend a lot of summer holidays in California or Florida. They got me one of the books from the same author and the same series. I have a picture somewhere of me reading that book on the beach in Florida when I was around two or three.

Charlotte: As a mother myself, I have read the book many times to my three children. 

"Pat The Bunny has a unique and iconic aesthetic that lent itself beautifully to my 'Incy' designs."

Charlotte Olympia

How has your website Romy & The Bunnies evolved?

Julia: The design changed a few months ago and we added a few extra features such as must buy/shop and street style. Ideally I would like to add real e-commerce, but a small one, like a very curated e-shop for new moms.

Why did you choose each of the brands to take part?

Julia: I had to choose brands from different cities and that are close to my heart for different reasons. I grew up wearing Bonpoint or going to the Bonpoint store in Paris with my mom whenever she would have to give a birth gift. When my daughter Romy was born; I swaddled her in those amazing bamboo swaddles from Aden + Anais and still use them as blankets for the beach or the plane.

For Charlotte Olympia, well I loved the kitten slippers and I was dying to see how it would turn out as bunny slippers. Plus Charlotte and I go way back. We met when we were teenagers, both still with braces and now we are both working moms! It’s amazing to witness the success of someone you have known for so long.

Can you describe your new additions to the Incy collection?

Charlotte: The two styles I designed, the Patty ballet pump and Hop To It! sandal are delightful additions to my growing Incy collection for children. Both styles are also available in adult sizes so mothers can be just as glamourous as their little ones!

Discover the oh-so adorable Pat The Bunny collection below...

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What was it like working on this project?

Charlotte: Pat The Bunny has a unique and iconic aesthetic that lent itself beautifully to my 'Incy' designs. This project was an exciting opportunity to collaborate alongside luxury childrenswear brands Bonpoint and Aden + Anais.

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