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Roland Mouret interview

Roland Mouret: The Galaxy And Beyond

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the Galaxy dress first took the red carpet, cocktail parties and boardroom meetings alike by storm, so revered is Roland Mouret’s iconic design to this day, but an anniversary collection – of which Harrods has a number of exclusives – marks just that.

To celebrate, we caught up with the designer to talk fashion memories and moving forward, and found out what he thinks makes the Galaxy dress so iconic...

What's your earliest fashion memory?

My earliest fashion memory was standing watching my father fold his apron, I saw the clean, precise way he folded it and how it transformed the apron from one shape to another - hiding one part and highlighting another.  

"My clothes speak to all women, I am not bound by trend or fad and neither is the Roland Mouret woman."

Did you always want to go into design or was it a happy accident?

My life has taken me in many varied directions, with creativity as my guide. I always wanted to go into design and I have always applied myself to this passion.

Did you have any designers you looked up to when you were starting out?

Azzedine Alaïa – I admire his integrity. He has led his career without ever compromising his principles. 

Your designs are both classic and contemporary; do you have a favourite era in fashion?

I love magic and I love glamour; it’s about transformation and every era has these qualities, these magical moments that take us from one time, one moment to the next.

The Galaxy recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary; in your mind, what makes it so iconic?

The Galaxy is real, it captured a moment in time and has now secured its place as an icon. I would see models in the clothes, walking on the runway and then question how a woman would look like in these creations, a real woman. I wanted to deliver a dress that made women say: “Wow, someone is thinking of us”.

What was its inspiration?

A real woman, who is independent and successful; elegance is important to her but so is confidence.

Do you have a favourite from the Harrods exclusives?

How can I choose, does a parent have a favourite child? They are all favourites!

Your Autumn/Winter 2016 collection features more fluidity and less structure than some of your past designs; was this a conscious decision to evolve the brand?

A brand evolves and moves with the times, if it is still, it will get lost. Every collection has a different interpretation, a different feel but the DNA carries through.  I am true to my name and true to my design.  It is the rolling evolution of a maturing brand.

What defines the Roland Mouret woman of today?

My clothes speak to all women, I am not bound by trend or fad and neither is the Roland Mouret woman. I design and create beautiful pieces for women to feel beautiful and free. This will never change.

If you were to give your younger self advice about working in fashion, what would it be?

Keep going!

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