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Behind-The-Shoot With Temperley London

The final film in the Inside The Studio series, Brit designer Alice Temperley opens the doors to her Temperley London studio, sharing her thoughts on all things British fashion, revealing how a garment comes to life and introducing her beautiful muse, Model Jacquetta Wheeler. Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes shoot above.

Speaking about the new generation of designers and how they are supported and nurtured by British schools and of course, the British Fashion Council, Alice offers up some advice to aspirational designers: "My advice to anyone starting out is to work hard, throw everything at it and ultimately believe in your own voice and what you have to say. It's about doing something that's your own vision. It's really important to stay true to what you're passionate about, because ultimately that shows in your work." 

And on the British aesthetic? "British style for me is individual, innovative, adventurous and unique. There's a classicism there but it's playful. It's getting more and more creative. You can really see the British sense of style."

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