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Grace Dent Harrods Christmas Hamper

Grace Dent's Festive Food Favourites

We invited top food journalist, author and broadcaster Grace Dent to dream up her perfect Harrods Christmas Hamper. Discover what's on her Christmas menu and all the delicious treats making it into her hamper wishlist...

"This year we’re having Christmas lunch at The Connaught. I love to cook turkey and trimmings etc. but this year I’m letting my favourite hotel look after me. I know they can do it beautifully."

Her most stand-out festive foodie memory? "1970’s style intense sibling warfare over the Quality Street green triangles."

What she'd love to give and receive this year? "Honestly; peace and contentment for all my loved ones. But if all else fails… I find large diamonds earrings very cheering."

And her last supper... "Lobster spaghetti and too many glasses of Taittinger."

Grace's Wishlist...
"My dream Harrods hamper is terribly practical. What good, I thought, is a jar of truffle mayo if one doesn’t have excellent coffee, good stollen and Champagne?"

- "Columbian coffee – A rollicking good blend, elegantly presented in the sort of tin that looks pretty in any kitchen. I’m a huge fan."

- "Harrods Luxury Almond and Brandy Mince pies - Eat warm while sat under a duvet watching The Good Life Christmas special -  with Madagascan vanilla ice-cream. Far too good for the neighbours. Make them bring their own."

- "De Kuyper Apricot Brandy - There is nothing more Christmassy than wrapping gifts with a small, restorative De Kuyper brandy. Or ‘bar tender’s band aid’ as it’s often called as you can put a dash of it in almost any cocktail to save the day."

- "Harrods Marzipan Stollen 750g - This is a rather large tin. But if one has the whole week off between Christmas and New Year, I think it’s important to have aims and challenges.

- Harrods Grand Reserve Champagne - It is de rigeur to crack this open any time after 9am on the 25th. Pre-lunch naps are acceptable Chez Dent."

- "A L’olivier Black fruity olive oil - The sort of gorgeous, silken, perfumed olive oil one will become quite posessive over. Perfect for making a left-over risotto decidedly deluxe."

- "Cartwright and Butler Date and Walnut Loaf - A moist, handmade cake in a beautiful duck-egg coloured tin. The perfect Boxing Day 4pm treat with …"

- "Harrods Number 16 Ceylon Blend… because all cuppas should be extra-superb at Christmas."

- "Harrods Marmalade - My father’s favourite marmalade. I send jars of this to him up north." 

- "Holdsworths Truffles – Every hamper should have something beautiful and covetable that can be swiftly re-gifted in an emergency when an extra guest arrives. These are incredible, so pray no interlopers turn up."

Shop Grace's yummy wishlist treats below and discover our luxury range of delicious hampers to suit all festive tastes this Christmas.

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And if you're feeling super creative, why not build your own bespoke hamper with a special selection of your favourite products - contact the Food Halls Order Desk on +44 (0)20 7893 041. For large-scale orders, please contact the Corporate Service team at Harrods on +44 (0)20 7225 5994 or e-mail

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