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Printed T-Shirts

The Printed T-Shirt Scale

The printed T-shirt has become a must-have in the modern man’s sartorial artillery; but with designs varying from all-over patterns to classic logos and more simple motifs, where will you position yourself on the printed T-shirt scale?

1. All-Over Pattern

An all-over pattern might seem bold but balanced with well-cut staples it will only garner favourable attention. Try summoning science-class nostalgia at the same time by choosing Christopher Kane’s Digital Molecule Print T-Shirt.

2. Statement Logos

The statement logo is the ultimate way to pledge your allegiance to a favourite fashion brand and few logos make more of a statement than Versace’s iconic Medusa.

3. Signature Prints

To the fashion literate, Riccardo Tisci’s signature prints are as recognisable as the Givenchy logo itself; to others, they suggest an edgy aesthetic. It’s a win-win situation, no?

4. Classic Motifs

A T-shirt printed with a classic motif will add instant interest to your look without saying too much. Whether a military-themed crest, as found at Balmain, or a photographic image, you’ll be able to build your look around it easily.

5. Periphery Prints

Opt for a more subtle take on the trend by swapping a centralised print for one in a less obvious place. We love the illustrated hemline of Lanvin’s Imprimé Fairy Tale Printed T-Shirt.

6. Font Logo

Simple but never boring, there’s no way of misconstruing the message with a font logo. Build up your collection and chop and change between designer labels to demonstrate your style clout.

Shop the Printed T-Shirt Scale below and check out the His ‘N’ Hers Statement Sweater trend.

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