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Behind-The-Brands: The Foodie Edit

As Made With Love, a celebration of the heart and soul of craftsmanship, launches for the month of August, discover the heritage behind some of the most revered brands that can be found in Harrods famous Food Halls. From Du Rhône's exquisite chocolates to the remarkable cheeses of Xavier David, behind every brand is a fascinating story that is sure to be appreciated by foodie fans the world over.

Du Rhône
Artisan chocolates with Swiss expertise, Du Rhône began in 1875 when Mr. Pertuiset inaugurated his chocolaterie at 2, Rue du Rhône. Rapidly forging an impeccable reputation for his luxurious confections, the establishment won over the upper echelons of the Belle Époque. Moving to the heart of Geneva in 1976 where the chocolaterie can still be found, some of the brand's recipes have proved so popular, they now have to be kept in a safe. Known for its world-renowned specialties, such as the Coline and, of course, the Mocca Glacé, Du Rhône counts the likes of Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly, John F. Kennedy and the Shah of Iran among its most famous fans. All Du Rhône chocolates are still handmade by a small team of artisan chocolatiers.  

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Ultra
For the discerning whisky drinker, Gordon & MacPhail is a must. The independent, family-owned Scotch whisky specialist was established in 1895 as a grocery, wines and spirits merchant, and has since celebrated the steady transition of the family-owned business to the next generation. Presenting four extremely rare Speyside whiskies from the 1950s, chosen jointly by members of the third and fourth generations of the Urquhart family, each whisky is presented in individually-numbered, beautifully-designed decanters. Wood, metal and glass are combined in a striking and innovative way to protect and display the single malt. The whiskies are Linkwood 1953, selected by retired director Rosemary Rankin and her son Stephen Rankin; Glenlivet 1952, selected by retired Managing Director Ian Urquhart, his son, Neil, and daughter Jenny Houldsworth; Mortlach 1951, selected by retired Managing Director David Urquhart, and his twin sons, Stuart and Richard; Strathisla 1957, selected by current Managing Director, Michael Urquhart and his daughter, Laura.

Couveture Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits
Looking for the ultimate in shortbread biscuits? Only to be found at Harrods, our executive chefs and developers collaborated with some of the finest chocolatiers in the world to develop Harrods own couverture chocolate. This resulted in unique chocolate recipes for both our milk and dark chocolate, with a distinctive taste profile that is completely exclusive to Harrods. The couvertures have been made by selecting the right blend of beans from a mix of different countries of origin, and overseeing the processing of these beans to ensure that the final taste embodies the essence of our chocolate house. Decadently hand-dipped and enrobed with Harrods exclusive couverture milk chocolate, these mouth-watering shortbread biscuits will make a luxurious treat.

Forest Pig Charcuterie
When it comes to charcuterie, Forest Pig is a UK favourite and found exclusively in our Harrods Food Halls. Shropshire-based artisan producer, Forest Pig, owned by Jeremy Levell, who trained in the art of charcuterie-making in Tuscany, has built its reputation on slow-matured salamis and air-dried meats from pigs that forage in the Wyke Forest in collaboration with the Forestry Commission who designate areas for pigs to reduce vegetation and restore a natural balance to the woodland floor, aiding natural oak regeneration.   

This natural life of spending the entire day foraging for the fruits of the forest, acorns, beech nuts, blackberry roots and building nests for a minimum of 12 months to ensure they grow naturally and slowly, results in a firmness and slightly moist texture - as is the tradition in Tuscany.

With the utmost care, the best spices are sourced and added to the products, including paprikas made by El Rey de la Vera in South West Spain, or Muntok - a white pepper known for its fresh sensation. All spices are hand-ground on the day of mixing to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.

Discover Forest Pig Charcuterie in Harrods Food Halls on the Ground Floor.

Xavier David Cheeses
Cheeses to tantalise and delight, Xavier David’s dream was to offer to the world the real taste of cheese by helping small-scale family businesses and cooperatives access the export world. Starting his business in 1959 in Frankfurt, the cheese-expert won over his German customers, soon becoming the first importer in Germany of French raw milk cheeses. After years of study, selections and tastings, and out of tribute to the man, the Xavier David Selection was born in 2009, comprising ripened raw milk cheeses from small producers. Their approach naturally implies an interest in sustainable, fair and social development. Most of their partners have adopted green measures; the others are involved in organic or even biodynamic farming. The Xavier David spearhead is all about respecting artisans and small producers as well as production techniques. Their aim is to help small producers access the export world. Discover hand-selected Xavier David Cheeses exclusively at Harrods.

Visit the store to enjoy the Made With Love food tastings.

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