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Black Bull 40 Year Old Whisky

Black Bull 40 Year Old Whisky Launches At Harrods

Drawing on over 150 years’ experience blending fine Scotch whisky, Black Bull is set to release a new edition of its flagship 40 year old. Launching exclusively at Harrods, this new release is a creamy blend of flavourful malt whiskies distilled from the mid-1960s to early 1970s, boasting a substantial 90% malt content. Smooth and mellow, expect flavours of milk chocolate, treacle toffee and pome fruits, with a fruity, toffee-laden finish.

According to Euan Shand, Chairman of parent company, Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky, the secret to a good blend lies in knowing each individual whisky’s character. "They need to marry, mature and mellow, and that takes many years, during which the blend has to be monitored and tweaked until the time is right to release it. Blending is an art."

With Black Bull a favourite of mixologists - as well as discerning whisky purists - Mr Shand assures us this highly-anticipated release is well worth the forty-year wait, adding, "You have to be patient, but we’re used to that."

Bottled and released in small batches, Black Bull 40 year old can be found in The Spirits Room on the Harrods Lower Ground Floor.

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