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Good Luck Charms

Leading a charmed life is easier than one might think with delicate charm jewellery sitting firmly in the fashion spotlight. From embellished eyes to dinky flowers and arrows, we investigate the meanings behind this season’s secret jewellery codes.

1. Evil eye – a talisman designed to protect against the evil power it is named for, many cultures believe this charm wards off envy or dislike.

2. Hamsa – this palm-shaped amulet is another take on the evil eye, depicting an open right hand with the evil eye at its centre.

3. Arrow of Eros – the Greek counterpart to the Romans’ Cupid, Eros is the ancient Greek god of love whose arrows have the power to make people fall in love.

4. Flowers – the meanings behind blooms make for a poignant gift: forget-me-nots, as the name suggests, are tokens of love and remembrance, while the lotus flower promises good fortune in Asia.

5. Zodiac – each zodiac animal bears distinct characteristics; 2014 marks the Chinese year of the Horse, a sign of energy and activity. 

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